Aren't women equal to men?

Posted by: debater012

Women are just as equal. They are treated like scum. This is not fair. End this now.

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Yes of course they are

If you don't think that when are equal it proves JUST how ignorant and gullible you are, turning your heads and listening to the most recent gossip that drifts your way. If we were all strong headed and kept to our opinions, religions and beliefs, j... ust think how much better of we'd be. There wouldn't be: Racism Sexism Homophobia Ableism Classism Sizeism Cissexism Ageism Look at all these types of discrimination. Doesn't it make you think, what has the world evolved into   more
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No they're not

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Women have been treated like crap? Why? People may argue that men are stronger but men do not tolerate childbirth or labour or any of the other crap that women endure. Do you not that the human body can only take 45 del of pain, but childbirth is 57...  del of pain? That's like 20 bones being fractured at once? Still think men are stronger? Women are just as much worthy as every single man in this whole planet. Some people argue that men being recognised as better than women is tradition, but it is also tradition for a Chinese newly wed to cry NON STOP for a whole MONTH before the wedding? If you believe in tradition, then all you newly engaged people, start crying. Because you can't go PICKING AND MIXING what traditions you want to follow and what you don't. It's all of nothing. That's what tradition means. Stuff from the old times. Without women we wouldn't be here today. Not only do women carry the child for a whole 9 months, but they also raise them. And not only that, but without women inventions and ideas we wouldn't have actually EVOLVED into who we are. All women want is respect, just like every other human being that walks this earth. If that's too much too ask, then doesn't that make you worry about how selfish and ignorant future generations will turn out? Humans evolve through culture and knowledge, and how we are treated. If this is how we're evolving, into women-hating sexist ignorant people, soon the earth is going to be one whole aggressive big free for all where no-one cares about anyone. Sound familiar? Yeah, we're going RIGHT back to the caveman times where people physically hit people to get their way.We've come this far, and no we're going to circle back and travel back to caveman times, where people lived with dinosaurs. That's how bad this is getting. Even in caveman times, people embraced each other and lived in harmony. Now we are all aggressive. They were dumb dumbs, cavemen and cavewomen were, and yet they knew how to treat each other. Why can't we   more
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primeministerJoshua812 says2018-07-11T01:35:28.5908743Z
I think it depends on what country you live in.
Leaning says2018-07-11T08:03:15.2514746Z
Politically, intelligence wise, emotionally, eh even physically, sure close enough.
John_C_1812 says2018-07-11T15:55:55.4512281Z
No woman are not equal to men. However the United States Constitutional question is are all woman equal to all woman as a united State as they are created equal by their creator?
John_C_1812 says2018-07-11T15:56:07.5880281Z
No woman are not equal to men. However the United States Constitutional question is are all woman equal to all woman as a united State as they are created equal by their creator?
Fiasco says2018-07-11T20:07:17.7124162Z
Sure, we're equal, men and women. Just be very careful not to confuse "equal" with "identical"! Different things....
kyleniel says2018-07-11T22:13:34.3984162Z
I'm just going to refrain from voting because there aren't enough choices and I'm pretty sure there is at least some bias in the answers.
Youngastronomer says2018-07-12T12:32:37.6846138Z
"Del" is made up. The same people said being kicked in the balls was 9000 del.
cubemaster says2018-07-13T02:32:48.6718881Z
That last option seems rather.... Forceful
Sonofcharl says2018-07-13T06:19:42.3238881Z
The question asks if women are not equal to men and not, are women equal to men. Therefore if you answer yes, you are saying yes, women are not equal to men.
smokey0990 says2018-07-13T19:23:57.6545874Z
Yes there are many things you could point out and laugh about in this poll. The whole thing is misinformation and unrelated facts. Yes women are equal to men (not the same but still equal) but it's arguments like this one that give credibility to those who think otherwise.
YakobsColonizingEdomite says2018-07-19T17:57:39.6755724Z
It depends on what you mean by "equal." Legally? Of course men and women are equal, at least in western society. But physically? No way. Are there women who are as physically strong as some men? Sure, but physical strength is a bell curve and if you take the physically strongest male and female specimens from each of those two bell curves, the absolute strongest individuals will always be men. Ditto for the most aggressive, the fastest, largest, the hairiest, etc. And then there's the obvious physical, sexual characteristics of each of the sexes. If you're talking physically equal, it's preposterous to claim equivalence. Everything from physical characteristics and hardware, down to the genes are different. That's why trans "men" will never be men. They still have no Y chromosome.
cheyhwi says2018-07-22T00:28:12.7753843Z
The chinese part is false tho... I'm full chinese and lived in a country with majority of the population being chinese and have never heard of that. Also about chinese marriage, the groom is the one who has to give money to the bride's family, unlike other cultures like dowries
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-07-27T23:59:45.4195560Z
My God the 2nd yes is an obvious anti man stance. Feminizis are everyone.
Fastkoolkirby says2018-08-19T18:41:52.8650125Z
No. Women win divorce cases 4 to 1.
Mixslip says2018-08-21T18:37:31.2913409Z
Women helped with the inventions? What the actual fuck lmao? Give examples maybe? "Women can handle more pain, Blablabla" great arguement. Why don't you go into a boxing ring and try to last all those punches for all those rounds? Child birth isn't even that painful compared to other things that males also experience. So fuck off with your 'females have a better pain tolerance than males' bullshit. Women already have respect, But feminists will never be happy. Only if all males are killed off, Even then, I doubt they would be happy. Go do some dangerous jobs or stay longer, And you will get paid more.

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