Do you really think BodyImage needs to be changed in the Fashion World?

Posted by: Charlotte.17

BodyImage is a concern for many people and femminists around the world. Do you think that Magazines and media have contributed to this?

  • Yes, the people portrayed in Magazines are so limited and needs to portray real women.

  • No, companies can do what they want & it's not wrong for the ideal image to be a fit person.

60% 21 votes
40% 14 votes
  • People are getting eating disorders and other diseases as they think that they have to be like women in magazines. So whilst people suffer mentally, companies will know that they earned their profit.

  • Little kids are almost being forced to believe that if you don't look like the photoshopped and makeup caked people on magazines, you won't be beautiful or liked. It's not ok to make people believe that they're ugly or unliked because of the body they were given. Most of the time, they person on the magazine doesn't even look like that in real life! It's an unrealistic portrayal that VERY FEW people actually have. People have lowering body images because of the media.

  • There isn't anything obviously bad about displaying someone who is unbelievably thin, but there also isn't anything wrong with displaying someone who isn't super skinny. Women that are super thin don't make up the whole population.

  • most people aren't going to be what you see in magazines. Someone could become very depressed if the media shows only skinny, beautiful, sexy, women.

  • Well the media should stop photoshopping women's bodies to look smaller and men's bodies to be muscular beyond attainable. However, if you're talking about showing obese people as beautiful, I have to draw the line there.

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • It is how we portray the human body, we should portray them more fit because it means a healthier person. I know I am just average in size and I do believe that all women are beautiful. However, portraying an ideal image to be a fit person gives motivation to people to stay in shape and be healthier.

    Posted by: S.S_NZ
  • Models ALL inspire me to stay fit. Yall fat asses with no inspiration need to stop hating. Hang a picture of Jessica Lee Buchanan on your fridge. Or your mcdonalds gift card. for REAL YALL GONNA DIE GET HEALTHY STOP HATING WOMEN WHO ARENT DRENCHED IN BODY FAT

  • obese people are not beautiful to most people, and it's the company's right to post whatever they want

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cyber_onions says2017-01-12T09:09:07.4685133Z
I think it's worth pointing out that models in magazines are not necessarily 'fit' or 'healthy' (as some of the 'No' comments suggest). Often they are dangerously underweight, which is not healthy at all and not a thing to aspire to.
Abygail.Grace says2017-03-17T07:05:00.6265093Z
I think they should stop photo shop to impossible images that aren't real, but I think there's nothing wrong with being fit and looking healthy, and that's even a good thing. It's okay that people struggle with weight, either over or under- I myself am recovering from anorexia nervosa. Sometimes they show models like this too, that are anorexic and bulimic. At the same time, making overweight the new thing is not good, either. Just tell people what's real and healthy and the problem is solved.
SegBeg says2017-07-03T16:35:07.0186065Z
I really hate this attitude that if you're chunky, then you're omehow a "real woman" no. Whether you're an anorexic or bulemic or a morbidly obese woman, you are still a woman. I agree, the media should stop photoshopping both men and women's bodies, but portraying overweight and obese people instead is not the answer either. It will just lead to everyone wanting to be fat- which is not healthy either. I'm sick of fat activists trying to tear down thinner women to build themelves up- it's so hypocritical! Now they're even going after superheroes- SUPERheroes, they're going after. I'm not kidding. They're photoshopping superheroes with "realistic" bodies ans making statements this is what they should look like. Do they not get the phrase SUPERhero?- Someone who is SUPERhuman i.e. superior to normal humans therefore will have superior physique from saving the world nearly every day. Of course they're going to hve peak body types. Getting really tired of this

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