Do You Support Trump's Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Imports?

Posted by: TheDragon5

  • Yes, let's slap some tariffs!

  • No tariffs!

54% 15 votes
46% 13 votes
  • More US steel produced means more people working for decent pay. Prices only increase by 0.3 cents for a can of soda and even less if they use US steel

  • Employment is a bigger issue than GDP in America right now. The more employment, the less necessity for welfare. Tariffs help employment.

  • This tariff will promote the manufacturing of steel in the U.S. which will help the U.S. become more independent from foreigners for their goods

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and78 says2018-03-10T14:28:08.5717036Z
The cost of the tariff would increase the price of anything made of steel cars, appliances etc. and passed on to the people who buy them. Tariff is a stupid solution and will not work.
Guy-de-Place says2018-03-13T20:49:13.1125422Z
On one hand, it checks Chinese domination of the market at a point when China is teetering between being the world's top economy and falling far back down the ladder. On the other hand, a few thousand new jobs mean nothing compared to the higher prices and ensuing trade wars. If it works, it is a good plan. If it fails, it is a bad plan. I will let history decide.

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