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No because it has lots of sugar

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subdeo says2017-01-31T23:54:20.5613330Z
Why is there no option for yes?
Mharman says2017-02-01T00:32:04.4021330Z
@subdeo: Add one, then. I would do it myself, but it's not working for me. It will probably work for you though.
cobie555555 says2017-02-01T05:06:55.1697848Z
This poll is an absolute joke. Why is there no option to disagree with the question? Stop using polls to convey your own opinion and start using them as a meaningful way to gauge public opinion. Simply idiotic.
Rawwrfish says2017-02-01T12:13:30.7761848Z
This poll is completely unbeneficial to creating a realistic image of real life workings and how things actually stand. I completely disagree with everything about this horrible poll. Absolutely disgusting
Skeptical1 says2017-02-05T07:45:08.5130350Z
Not sure about the milk, but the pupils would be better "surved" if they taught spelling at school.
sunnystrict1 says2017-02-08T23:41:47.3397485Z
Chocolate Milk Should Be Banned! Some schools around the country have decided to ban chocolate milk. ... Chocolate milk contains too much sugar and can lead to childhood obesity. Some say that banning chocolate milk from school cafeterias is the only way to make kids drink regular milk.
Kopk says2017-02-11T19:29:55.2548191Z
I'm not able to add an answer, unfortunately so here's what I would've written: Although it isn't specified above, if your aim is to have the government ban it, I disagree with you. Schools should make their own decisions about it. Let the free market affect their decision making.
killyourselves says2017-02-15T13:00:53.6066753Z
Fuck u guys why cant i say yes
killyourselves says2017-02-15T13:01:23.0282753Z
Fuck u guys why cant i say yes
mario64lover says2017-02-16T13:24:08.9590348Z
Why won't it let me say "yes"
KadyABryson says2017-02-21T13:29:48.0494922Z
I think they should be allowed in schools. What is the point of the schools trying to make kids eat healthy at all? I'm all for a healthier lifestyle but just because you eat a healthy meal at school, doesn't mean that it'll stop anyone from going home and eating a bunch of junk food. At my school, they make us pick two servings of vegetables or fruit. But by the end of lunch most of it ends up in the trash and not consumed, causing a major waste in food which only creates a large scale problem. Don't make someone put food on their tray that they won't eat.
smithrac010 says2017-02-21T18:40:44.4292482Z
Absolutely is should be allowed if there is nothing to encourage kids to go to school, what then? And wheres the yes poll?
AquaGlass says2017-02-24T15:43:04.8672950Z
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KennyBen says2017-02-24T21:30:31.1712056Z
Nothing currently made for/at schools should be served
stelladocks says2017-02-26T02:50:03.8705870Z
Yes, it has as much healthy components as white milk
dallinm says2017-02-28T15:17:14.0228260Z
Guys i dont know about you but chocolate milk is the only thing considered sugar and the rest is lasagna
Extralulu12 says2017-03-02T21:27:41.4690227Z
Why is there not an yes option the heck
TheDude03 says2017-03-03T18:04:12.1295540Z
This poll is a complete and UDDER joke. Get it? Like, a cow's udder, cuz we're talking about milk? Kill me
Alged says2017-03-06T17:39:06.2704161Z
There's only one option
michael3434 says2017-03-09T15:13:52.8744794Z
Milk is part of the nutrition plan that the school has to follow and we need milk to be healthy.
subdeo says2017-03-10T02:59:29.3050661Z
It's not the governments business to dictate health choices!
Trump2020 says2017-03-10T04:50:36.1594815Z
There are food items and other drinks at schools that are worse than chocolate milk.
randomsage says2017-03-14T16:04:04.4149617Z
Everyone! Look at the photo! He's not talking about milk! #staywoke
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-03-14T19:37:29.3444587Z
CrazyMan211 says2017-03-16T11:56:44.3870066Z
No. In my school the chocolate milk cost 50 cents and think if we removed the milk.
grantgwg01 says2017-03-17T17:21:29.4480743Z
Uhhh you forgot to have an option of yes and also you didn't spell served correctly
BARBARA58MERCER says2017-03-20T02:03:36.5981467Z
SkyVirus says2017-03-30T17:38:15.6353716Z
YES Because KIDS NEED Protein Unless you want to be a Small Fry be my guest. You are all Weak Idiots If You Said No!!!
ChrisArthur says2017-04-15T23:50:12.5384993Z
LMAO I don't know what is funnier, the fact that there is no "yes" option or the image you chose for the poll question being a bunch of black guys with afros.
cupcake426 says2017-07-07T03:44:46.8936270Z
Actually chocolate has a lot more protein than regular milk. Check the labels, people!!!!!
cupcake426 says2017-07-07T03:49:08.4950577Z
Why is it a debate about chocolate milk, a lot of kids at my school LOVE strawberry milk, do any of you people agree strawberry milk is a lot better tasting than regular milk, or chocolate milk, who is tired of being served chocolate milk, or regular milk at school, I AM TRY STRAWBERRY MILK FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!
Mharman says2017-08-29T01:37:10.9215453Z
I added a 'yes' option. You may now re-vote.

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