What Makes you happy in life? Would you give it up, if god tells you to?

Posted by: XxShiro123xX

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No i wouldn't give it up

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Yes i would give it up

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reece says2017-10-25T14:10:30.5203227Z
What If you start hearing a voice in your head (claiming to be God) telling you to sacrifice one of your family members?
Seiji says2017-10-25T15:17:33.1309085Z
@reece then seek help.
clild says2017-11-11T23:15:10.7149367Z
That's a good question. I would recommend replacing 'god' with another term, considering not everyone believes in a higher being. Perhaps 'something bigger than yourself that you believe in truly/has the ultimate say', such as what if science (if you are intensely close with science/ scientific method) told you to stop? This boils down to cognitive dissonance, and because of what that entails (and I recommend reading on about this subject), we can easily assume most will answer 'no'.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-11-23T05:22:20.2795716Z
Reece XD Honestly though, if God told me to and I knew it was God telling me to do it I would. Not saying I wouldn't feel awful, I would. But above all else Gods will be done.

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