• Yes. And there is nothing we can do.

  • We will find a cure for Cancer and humans will live a long good life!

20% 86 votes
80% 341 votes
  • cancer is almighty

  • If a sickness like Cancer mutates, it can most definitely kill of the human population. Personally, I do not know when Cancer will mutate, but it can happen anytime, anywhere.


  • The virus could mutate and kill us all. Also, I have a negative viewpoint on life so that could explain why I picked this option.


  • yup


    Posted by: Ryan77
  • yes!!, nothing we can do unless we take off our belt

  • mexicans

  • i like snakes

  • Because we are all gonna die someday

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  • I liek chikn. ate ym PANCAKES and i liek chikn end RANCH

  • IMO cancer is the one thing that will absolutely kill a person if nothing else does. If we had perfect immunity to disease, cancer would still kill us over time. The only way it wouldn't is if we found a way to make our cells split 100% error free. Entropy is a a natural occurrence that happens to all things living or dead.

  • Corporations make too much money off of cancer, therefore a treatment may never arise

  • all gays will die unfortunately

  • i think if you smoke enough weed youll be cured of anything.

  • I'm not seeing it

  • i think it will kill us becuse all the cures will just back fire and just make it more bad

  • I don't agree with any of these claims. Cancer can kill us if it is like other viruses and can mutate to survive through our medical engineering techniques (that's still a stretch), but I am unsure about eradicating cancer, because cancer is MAINLY uncontrolled cell growth, in which I do not know why uncontrolled cell growth happens, how it happens and when it happens in certain areas. People still have to know more about cancer and there has to be much more to these answers instead of deliberately just choosing a side that is completely on both sides of the scale.

  • Dont worry we will all die by ebola not cancer

  • Yes. This is because every time a cell reproduces, its telomeres, needed to reproduce properly, are shortened slightly. If they completely degrade, they can't reproduce anymore without some serious genetic repercussions.

  • Unlike most other diseases cancer is a mutation of the cells. Thistles it unique and difficult to treat because it's stuff we made attacking us. I do believe that the might be a safer way one day to cure cancer than the methods we use today. I don't think that cancer will ever be fully eradicated. Only time can truly tell.

  • The idea that humans will overcome anything is a pompous and arrogant way of viewing our own species. Cancer mutates so often that finding a definitive CURE is highly unlikely. With it's numerous strains and types, it's more likely that it will simply evolve to the point of being unaffected by our modern day medicines. Make peace.

  • There will be no cure for cancer

  • There are already super-bugs that we cant kill so someday cancer could do the same.

  • No matter what we do, there will always be some type of disease. Whether it's cancer or some other disease, we most likely will fall victim to it.

    Posted by: MSWS
  • medicine is a sin against nature

  • it will if people don't find a cure soon enough.

  • Undertale gave me cancer.

    Posted by: Aria2
  • because i said so and no one will stop me, im always right mf

  • Cancer cannot spread so not everyone can get it. Also many treatments are being developed including my personal idea to use a combination of targeted gene and immunotherapy followed by a course a regenerative medicine.

  • the cancer virus will become too strong to prevent and everyone will get it

  • We won't necessarily find a cure but it is unlikely for everyone to develop cancer.

  • ^

  • The highest cause of death is heart-related and cardiovascular issues not cancer.

  • I don't know if we'll cure cancer, but I doubt it will kill us all. I don't see any reason it would mutate into something that kill us all, since it begins with our own cells. It's been with us since around 1600 B.C. Where it's described in Ancient Egyptian writings, no reason to think it'll change much in the future.

    Posted by: Sogan
  • We can study more about it

  • Well... at least I hope so

    Posted by: yaboi5
  • Understanding the nature and physiology of cancer can show that it will not eradicate humans. Cancer is neither contagious nor can it transmit from entity to entity, so that factor is ruled out. Cancer is not a virus, nor a bacteria. Cancer can be a RESULT of a virus or bacteria inside of your body, but still, it is not as efficient as we think. Also, given how cancer lives inside of your body, many methods are able to surpass cancer's progression, such as angiogenesis inhibiting drugs. While not the most precise or safe method, it still works and major progression is being made on the subject. Also, x-rays and other forms of radiation are also a viable source, as they have been for years.

  • We have a very advanced technology, especially the technology that scientists have, its outstanding how our technology can control even science! Scientist can use this advanced technology to find anything that relates to cancer that can help them solve it.

  • With advanced technology is keeping up to solve all problems in society, the remedy to cure cancer is just a matter of time and we also find solutions to maintain the live of thousand patients before reaching that point.

  • The thing about cancer is: it's not contagious. It won't spread from person to person, which means that treating and curing people with cancer is a lot easier than something like Ebola, which is very contagious. Second, we're getting closer every day to curing it, and we already have treatments for people who do have it. I guarantee within the next twenty or thirty years, we'll have a much better way of curing cancer than we do with treatments today.

    Posted by: Jaster
  • Nope, we'll all die of AIDS.

  • Sure, Cancer is a disease that kills many people every year, but just think of how many people on earth have not gotten cancer. It's a low chance that we won't find a cure.

  • We humans have faced many obstacles in the course of humanity. Each obstacle seemed harder than the last. But we always took those barriers down. Theirs an old saying, " What hurts you makes you stronger". I mean come on, in the past 200 years we've become from people you had a lot of faith in religion to people who can turn entire cities in ash. Maybe in the Future, we could use cancer as a Bioweapen. Maybe or Maybe not, who knows?

  • Obviously all the people saying YES to the question are uninformed citizens of the United States. Cancer is not a virus. It is a genetic mutation. You don't bump into someone and boom you have cancer. Your parents can pass it down to you, or you can get it from epigenetics (factors in your lifetime that induce a switch in your genes which leads to cancer such as high exposure to UV radiation), however there is a cure being developed with a little something called CRISPR Cas-9. CRISPR can go into an embryo or any cell and find the DNA and snip out anything from a whole sequence of millions to one nucleotide. This means that any cancer coding gene can be cut out. This also applies for any other genetically inherited disease. In fact, CRISPR has already assisted in finding a cure for sickle cell anemia! Soon we will have a cure for cancer, too. It's not going to kill us all.

  • No, certainly not. Many types of cancers are already highly treatable, and in some sense have a 'cure.' Even if a cure was not found, it's virtually impossible for everyone to suddenly just develop cancer.

  • Not sure if people on the other side are trolling or not, but cancer isn't even a virus, it's a mutation of a person's OWN CELLS. So, yes, it is technically correct to say that cancer will "mutate" but the very fact that it isn't a virus makes this completely irrelevant. One person's cancer is not the same as anyone else's cancer, and it's not contagious, so the mutation argument makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Cancer is not a virus. It is a mutation on it's own, and it will not change. Ever. It is simply the unchecked growth of cells within our bodies. As a result, they suck up all the nutrients within our bodies and block off needed organs. So, no, it will not kill off "everybody" and a treatment to remove cancer is already existing, it just lacks efficiency.

  • Coz caner in itself is a mutation. The real question is, can mutations, mutate?

  • cancer might be a disease but not everybody contracts the disease.and by that time we will evolve and fight cancer better than ever!

  • They also respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them all. There is a lot of research going on into all types of cancer to try and cure more people. Cancer researchers work on developing new and more effective surgery techniques, radiotherapy and chemotherapy drugs all the time.

  • If anything people will die because of a meteor or global warming, cancer will not kill us all.

  • Technology has been improving recently and it will continue to do so for a very long time. There will probably always be at least one type of cancer that can't be treated ever or if it could be, a new and foreign one might occur. There is no guarantee right now to know for sure when cancer will be ended for good. But as more time passes, I'm sure cancer will cause less deaths.

  • I believe one's diet, and excessive exposure to radiation are the primary causes of the majority of harmful cancers. Certainly, if a person consumes processed foods with little nutrition, endures constant radiation, and dose not change these habits, then they will have a high risk of cancer. However, if one lives a healthy lifestyle, then they will either never get cancer, or get caner at a later age. As for the cure, that is a mystery that only time can solve.

    Posted by: aligav
  • This is not the first time humanity fought a virus like this.And definetly not the last.

  • we will evolve and become immune

  • As time passes we will have many more advancements one probably including advanced cancer cure.

  • Scientists have come very far in the medical and science field. We've created genetically modified humans, have come extremely close to stopping an atom from moving, and we've cured Polio. Just because we haven't found a cure for cancer yet, doesn't mean that we wont in the future. It took Jonas Salk (The curer of Polio) over 20 years to find the cure for Polio. So why give up hope?

  • I don't believe we'll find a "cure for cancer", but I do believe it won't 'kill us all.' Cancer doesn't spread. There's fact no. 1. Cancer treatments are getting better, and we are figuring out plenty of new solutions to stop cancer growth. And cancer doesn't show up in everyone; it only pops up in a fraction of the global population. And no, cancer is not like "Ebola."

    Posted by: Kurtch
  • Cancer is not a virus, or technically a disease. It is caused by a genetic mutation in a cell's DNA, causing it to take it's own survival as more important than the survival of it's host organism. It cannot mutate, as it is started by a mutation. You will get some cancerous cells in your lifetime, which will die out because they cannot reproduce fast enough. Only cancer cells that reproduce extremely quickly pose much of a threat. Additionally, with genetic modification in development, things like CRISPR will vastly improve our chances at beating cancer. Keep in mind I am no expert. This information could be outdated or false.

  • CRISPR Cas-9, a gene editor, has already been able to replace the p53 gene in countless cases of cancer.

  • Wow You guys are morons. We could kill cancer but it is a very good money maker. I am not saying this is right but if it does get out of control the government probably will start a cure so our race is just fine. So if you voted against me you are a idiot and you should find your life.

  • We cant do nothing

  • I sincerely doubt that cancer will kill us all. We may not be able to cure it, but we might just have to live beside it.

  • No. Only about 0.07-0.12% of the world has cancer. Cancer is not an epidemic like, say, the bubonic plague. It cannot "spread" as if it were a pandemic. It happens within your own body via mutations that remove oncogenes and tumor suppressors. The prospect that a single disease that can't even spread via air would destroy human civilization is simply silly. On a side note, I ask that my fellow Debate.org members refrain from making sensationalized titles like this for the sake of attention and replies.

  • We have bigger and more important problems then cancer. Also when we go to space then our species will be functionally immortal.

  • First of all, cancer isn't contagious, and in the future we might find a cure for cancer, so there is no need to worry.

  • We may never cure cancer, but because it is generally a genetic disorder, eventually the people with genes that cause cancer will end up dying via natural selection, and it may very well be eradicated forever.

  • Cancer, while a dangerous and deadly ailment, is still treatable and preventable most of the time. It also is not contagious and not dangerous to a large quantity of the population.

  • It's difficult to say whether we will identify a cure for cancer or not, regardless... We won't all develop Cancer in the future. It will not kill us all as we have means of preventing it to a certain degree and at times ridding it of the human body.

  • The technology is more advanced everyday,how can you predict the future?Also,scientists already found some cure for cancer which helped a lot of patients. They've started,why will they stop or end?

  • We are already advancing at a fast enough rate to beat cancer before it 'defeats us all', although, there are things that infect more people than cancer currently.

  • Genetic engineering using CRISPR is capable of wiping out many types of cancer. Once it starts to be used to modify human genes (I know, the thought of designer babies is completely terrifying to me, but that is besides the point), many types of cancer that are passed down genetically will be eradicated.

  • Everything is improving in the world so I don't think that everyone will die.

  • In the future the only cancer left will remain on the internet

  • We will find a cure for cancer. Most people don't understand what cancer is. What cancer actually is, is just uncontrollable cell reproduction; or uncontrollable mitosis. We can remove those harmful cells if we're careful enough. We might even be able to get a medicine cure for it if we can get cancer cells fully intact and figure out what kills it. Don't get too hopeful though, cancer cells are extremely unstable and are very difficult to extract them and get them to a lab fully intact.

  • Because I am educated

  • We may not find a cure but total cancer mortality has been decreasing since the 90's due to advances in medical technology despite an aging population. Immunotherapy and non-cytotoxic (targeted) chemotherapy advances are fighting cancer more effectively than radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined while producing much less debilitating symptoms.

  • We already have found a cure for cancer. Marijuana when you use the oil or smoke it, it cures cancer

  • If we find the cure for cancer soon enough (which will most likely be soon) this will never happen. Ever.

  • screw cancer\

    Posted by: hiqqq
  • If cancer is going to kill us all, it would have already, long before cures are coming out today.

    Posted by: Sinque
  • Technology is always improoving, so one day, we will find a cure

  • Cyber Bully Channels are CANCER CANCER CANCER CANCER

  • If we can build and create electricity, skyscrapers and planes, I think we will soon get a cure for cancer. It will certainly NOT wipe out humanity and nature!

  • There are already cures but capitalism is keeping them from the poor.

  • I really don't think that cancer will be a problem in the future, since our technology will improve and we'll eventually find the solution of cancer. And I have a lot of hope in humanity.

    Posted by: Aren2k
  • We need to be more hopeful

  • Cancer is just an overproduction of cells throughout the bodies system. Thus it is not contagious. I doubt it would be able to kill the human race.

  • Someone already found a cure(well something that can slow down cancer) in a creature and they're trying to inject it's DNA in convert it into a cure

  • This question triggered me enough to make an account an write this. There are many different diseases that we call cancer, and not every one need to be treated the same way. Also, anyone who has any understanding of cancer at all will know that it can't kill us all. It's as stupid as saying that only boys will be born for a few decades and humans will go extinct this way.

  • The cure will come one day

  • We most likely have a higher chance of dying by some other cause than cancer.

    Posted by: Ezic
  • There have been major breakthroughs in the field of biotechnology and this means that there might even come one day when we will have completely eliminated this disease.

  • Cancer isn't a guaranteed disease, it's a mutation. It's not like it's acquired through physical contact...

  • About one third of types of cancer are preventable with just lifestyle modification other types are treatable and unfortunately some we have no solution yeto boutique medicine is evolving every day and more importantly the public awareness increases as well about the risk factors and warning signs so it is so unlikely that cancer alone would cause humans to extinct

  • We all have hope that cancer will not eventually kill us all. If we keep hoping and working towards finding a cure for cancer, we might not die from it. In this, you said ALL of us will eventually die from cancer. I disagree with that because we won't ALL die from cancer.

  • Not with he current rate of medical advances...

  • Not necessarily a cure for cancer, but cancer will definitely not kill us ALL in the future. If we look at human evolution, evolution as a whole is geared towards reproduction, as us humans continue to evolve, the body will have more defenses towards any types of dangers in the early stages of life (when reproduction is at its peak), whether it bee illnesses or cancer. Many will fall victim to cancer, but as long as we have faith in evolution, regardless of longevity, we will not perish as a whole. F*CK CANCER!

  • If you are updated with the science, you will know about the developing technology around genetic engineering. In the near future, we could be looking at a simple injection to cure it. Babies' genetic codes could be edited to eradicate any chance of cancer or create a much stronger immune system. None of this is to say cancer is not a horrible, horrible disease, I recognize it is causing devastation. However, science develops much faster than you might think. With a powerful tool such as CRISPR, cancer could be unheard of a few millennials.

  • Scientists nowadays are finding cures of many diseases, cancer is something smart scientists could find a cure in less than 10 years.

  • you fat cunts will deserve cancer bishhhh

  • because the cancer is bad

    Posted by: Nd6099
  • The technology will better than present.

  • I understand why people feel cancer will kill us all one day, but if you do not have the genes of cancer there's a good chance you will probably not get it. Scientists are working hard every single day to try to find a cure and I believe they will find one.

  • The question will it kill us all one day... well no because a lot of other things kill us too...

  • There is a new technology called CRISPUR. CRISPUR mutates genes, and will soon be used to get rid of bacteria and sickness. This technology is being used carefully, but if we have enough time, this could go very far. It could cure more than just cancer, too. All we need is time, and CRISPUR could help us.

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  • Humans are innovative and will probably find a humane cure for cancer. Otherwise, they could probably genetically engineer people's cells so that they don't have cancer. There is definitely no chance everyone will die though

  • Medical research has been increasing in sophistication over the past decades and as resources become more scarce only more money will be invested in science. The time will come.

  • 50% of people survive cancer now and our medicine and treatment for cancer keeps on improving.

    Posted by: tcbz
  • There is a cure for cancer that nobody believes works. Go fully organic and natural. It works!! I know a lot of people think going organic and doing natural oils doesn't work because it's not scientifically proven. But it healed my moms cancer. She was getting food from cub and target, trying to get the healthier stuff but, she just kept getting sicker. Then finally we went fully organic and she was getting better. The processed foods at cub, fast food, target have pesticides toxic chemicals in your body. That nobody realizes and it bloats you out so bad. After I went organic I lost about 30 pounds in the first month. Back to what I was saying there was a lady a long time ago that was treating people with cancer the natural way. All of those ladies got better. But, the some of the doctors didn't like that because they needed money, and the more people have cancer the more money they get. So after she died she was never talked about until now. But only a little bit of people know. And their radiation just kills you even more. So I believe that there is a cure that know body knows about. But it works. Those are just my thoughts

  • NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • The world is just months away from curing cancer. Cancer would also not infect all humans on Earth.

  • I believe that medical science and ai will help to rewrite DNA so we can survive.

  • With the advancement of technology we are sure to find the cure for cancer

  • Cancer is not a pathogen so it cannot mutate, nor is it infectious. With the rapid progress we have made in curing cancer, unless we do something really stupid we should be able to dramatically decrease the threat of cancer by the time the 22nd century rolls around.

  • Most related cancer causes are preventable before we get it, it is just us being lazy and not taking care of ourselves

  • NO there is already a cure but capitalism keeps us from having it.

  • No. we cant get rid of stage 4 cancer yet, but we are advancing in technology so fast that we will probably be able to remove it, no cure, just a way of getting rid of it. We also could find something to put in our body that doesn't poison us through research

  • The majority of cancer survivors (64%) were diagnosed 5 or more years ago.15% of cancer survivors diagnosed 20 or more years ago. Nearly half (46%) of cancer survivors are 70 years of age or older. so gust think of these number in another 20 years time.

  • Many doctors around the globe are trying to find a cure for cancer. We have to have hope so they can find it.

  • We can already prevent some cancers from forming in certain situations so I'm sure we will find cures in this century.

  • Something else will kill us first.

  • cuz I want to and i am always right so,LISTEN TO ME!

  • not sure if we will find a cure soon but its not likely we will ever all get cancer bc its not contagious and not enough people have cancer condition environments

  • Say no to death! We human can fight againts cancer! For Narnia! For Azeroth and the Alliance!

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The_Beyonder says2017-02-01T15:04:57.8701318Z
https://www.cancertutor.com/cancer-myths/ We already have a cure.
AnimalJamRocks says2017-02-01T19:02:17.2949914Z
Lol That's awesome. My dad HAD cancer but he got cured. All the people who said that cancer would kill us in the future you don't have very good proof and what you are agreeing with is most likely not true! Anyway, none of us will know what is going to happen in the future, so I don't see the point in this argument.
jefftheguy says2017-02-01T20:53:37.2305914Z
Guys we can end the cancer not very easily, but it can be cured, cause we can.
IsaacMemeton says2017-02-06T06:10:03.6848103Z
To all the people saying cancer will mutate and become worse: it's not a virus.
sunnystrict1 says2017-02-08T23:51:36.6503794Z
They also respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them all. There is a lot of research going on into all types of cancer to try and cure more people. Cancer researchers work on developing new and more effective surgery techniques, radiotherapy and chemotherapy drugs all the time.Plus some people don get cancer.
Mr.ThinkTimes says2017-02-10T17:16:19.9940975Z
C c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c cc a a a a a a a a a a a a n n n n n n n n n n n n n c c c c c c c c e ee e e e e r r r r r r r r r
Athiest-Alien says2017-02-15T19:09:31.7235761Z
Guessing by the fact that you even made this a debate in the first place, I'm going to assume that you're unaware that food related health problems have created a bigger cause for death than all types of cancer. In which case, even if we don't find a cure for cancer, we're more likely to die from our poor food choices than from cancer.
Athiest-Alien says2017-02-15T19:11:41.6403761Z
Guessing by the fact that you even made this a debate in the first place, I'm going to assume that you're unaware that food related health problems have created a bigger cause for death than all types of cancer. In which case, even if we don't find a cure for cancer, we're more likely to die from our poor food choices than from cancer.
Dinosaurk says2017-02-17T14:44:48.0227403Z
This is really dumb. Of coarse we are not going to die because of Cancer. Soon enough, we WILL find a cure. Scientist are so close to finding what is in Cancer that we can destroy. Not everyone has cancer in the world, so why worry?
Dinolife says2017-02-17T15:35:28.3612101Z
This is really silly it's dum this will not happen did u ear dum dums or something
Ebel9 says2017-02-21T11:07:06.0986922Z
Human technologies are improving a lot year by year and have improved throughout the past years. So imagine how much it will improve in the future. We have already found cures for many illnesses and and invented many inventions for people to survive. So it is most likely that we will find a cure or create something that can stop cancer too. Even if we don't cure cancer then it is not going to affect the human race in a very bad way. Cancer has not killed huge amounts of people yet, so most likely it will continue to not to. So cancer will not kill us all even if don't find a cure for it. The human race has come up will many solution to many problems in though we have not cured cancer yet we will later still solve that world and evenproblem too.
foxingkat says2017-03-01T19:15:16.7757125Z
It's not a cure, it's a treatment. We are edging towards a cure but we're not there yet.
Unicornlandia1 says2017-03-15T04:02:02.2972836Z
Potatoes are pretty chill
Unicornlandia1 says2017-03-15T04:04:24.1168836Z
Potatoes are pretty chill
Unicornlandia1 says2017-03-15T04:05:32.9752836Z
Potatoes are pretty chill so we should just stop caring about diseases and start caring about potatoes
Iacov says2017-03-15T15:07:01.5838672Z
This poll has the lucky position of being at the top when the poll section broke, I think if polls didn't break before this got pushed down it would have 10 votes at most.
Iacov says2017-03-15T15:08:48.7090672Z
This poll has the lucky position of being at the top when the poll section broke, I think if polls didn't break before this got pushed down it would have 10 votes at most.
Akhenaten says2017-03-17T00:32:24.2270475Z
Cancer is dietary problem. Fix the diet and cancer will disappear. No grain, sugar and dairy. Research is not necessary and is a waste of money.
supplysider says2017-03-21T03:36:05.9107689Z
We might all get cancer, though with the rapidly emerging liquid biopsy technology it might be caught early enough so that many of us will have a highly treatable illness.
AnonymousAthiest says2017-03-22T15:48:02.8573305Z
@Akhenaten: Without research, you cannot prove a scientific claim. Your claim involves heavily limiting out current diet, and your lack of proof gives no reason to follow it.
Master_of_Words says2017-03-23T04:43:15.3692149Z
Caner cannot spread so not everyone is likely to develop it. Although no cure is likely to be found my personal idea is to use targeted gene and immunotherapy followed by a course of regenerative medicine.

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