Would you marry a 90 year old billionaire, if you knew they would die in three years?

Posted by: Seiji

  • Yes!

  • No!

50% 33 votes
50% 33 votes
  • Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy security.

    Posted by: Seiji
  • You can re-marry someone you truly love right after the rich person dies. That way, you'll be happy in a new life after about a decade.

    Posted by: rnova
  • Why not... After that me and the one I really love can enjoy that money and travel all around world. It is practical. :-)

  • Yes. Preferably we sign a prenuptial, they know they are dying soon, they know and don't mind that I love their money and not them. But even without that, I do like money.

  • I could tell her to sign me up for a will.

  • I can do anything thing that i want in the matter of 3 yrs

  • Live with an old person for a few years and then become a billionaire or millionaire or no?

  • ABSOLUTELY, but not for conventional reasons. The marriage would be to ensure I get as much of the 90 billion as possible, then redistribute the wealth after his death. Any person who accumulates 90 billion dollars clearly has lost his sense of empathy for the poor :)

  • Get me a sugar daddy and keep his money after he dies

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Swagnarok says2017-10-24T18:24:40.7390142Z
On the conditions that it was a woman, that I'd inherit all or most of her wealth (or at least a decent chunk of it), and that she had no functioning sexual drive.
Seiji says2017-10-24T18:54:00.0983698Z
*clarification* you inheret ALL of their wealth, and it will be of your sexual orientation (strait guys and gay girls will get a woman, strait girls and gay guys will get a man). That's all you'll know about the person though.
Seiji says2017-10-25T14:16:07.2109887Z
@Fummy when did I say you'd have to have sex with him?
AJL36 says2017-10-25T17:38:01.2810953Z
@Swagnarok can I kill them?
AJL36 says2017-10-25T17:40:26.8309613Z
@Seiji Could I kill them?
Seiji says2017-10-26T14:41:27.4152684Z
@AJL36 Not if you want to inheret the wealth. If you want to inheret the wealth, you have to stick with them for all three years.

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