Would you sacrifice all your early releases if it meant you got Fridays off?

Posted by: Seiji

You still get holidays off, and your intermissions (breaks) remain the same.

  • Yes

  • No

95% 39 votes
5% 2 votes
  • Uhh... duh. You gain so much time.

  • It takes the simplest math. The average school year consists of about 35 weeks, with half an hour less every week, and about two hours on quarterly occasions. This adds to about 25 hours less, at the most. With an entire day off (about seven hours) every week, that's 245 hours off. It's so obvious that I just did that math for fun.


  • You can do so much more unproductive crap with more time and not feel a guilty.

  • Instead of getting out early every once in a blue moon you have EVERY Friday off

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daisyrowley says2017-11-13T11:23:01.4419947Z
Yes!! Great)
LeShroom says2017-11-13T19:59:56.6677628Z
Why is this even a question, we all know ANYONE would pick Fridays off.

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