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  • obama promotes socialism

    The stronger argument is the philosophical argument that a progressive tax was outlined by Adam Smith himself." Adam Smith, and most Republicans, were and are socialist :D. The stronger argument is the philosophical argument that a progressive tax was outlined by Adam Smith himself. You also haven't addressed the question of Adam Smith being socialist either.

  • Resolved: Adam Smith was NOT a Capitalist

    Resolved: Adam Smith's book The Wealth of Nations is wrongly taken as a pro-capitalist tome, and in reality, Smith was not a Capitalist at all. We find a detailed discussion of them in Book 1, but the gist of his discussion is found below: "The whole annual produce of the land and labor of every country, or, what comes to the same thing, the whole price of that annual produce, naturally divides itself, it has already been observed, into three parts; the rent of land, the wages of labor, and the profits of stock; and constitutes the revenue to three different orders of people; to those who live by rent, to those who live by wages, and to those who live by profit." (Smith 2009, 115) Clearly, the merchants would be the class which gains revenue from the "profits of stock." And here too we find that for Smith, the Merchants are the capitalist class: "His [the laborer"s] employers constitute the third...


  • Is libertarianism practical anarchism?

    Today's libertarians are in the classical liberal tradition of Algernon Sidney, John Locke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Edmund Burke, Herbert Spencer, and Frederic Bastiat - not the anarchist tradition of Proudhon, Kropotkin, and Bakunin. Still, there are very strong themes of personal freedom that should not be abandoned.

  • Is Communism good for society?

    Ultimately they create what Adam Smith called a 'stationary state,' in which all innovation and advancement in society ceases. They have the strongest collective bargaining rights (i.E. In the words of Ronald Reagan a strong anti Communist "Regimes planted by bayonets do not take root" He was speaking about Communist Russia Sometimes it can be If it is Totalitarian Communism that wipes away liberal democracy and builds a more altruistic and united world then certainly.


  • The Golden Rule: Which 'Golden Rule' suits you?

    Impartial Spectator Central concept in the ethical system of Adam Smith. Conscience is not a mysterious or inexplicable force, since ‘the jurisdiction of the man within is founded altogether on the desire of praise-worthiness and in the aversion to blame-worthiness’ which underlies our ‘dread of possessing those qualities, and performing those actions, which we hate and despise in other people’ Ideal observer Ideal observer theory is the meta-ethical view which claims that:1.Ethical sentences express propositions.2.Some such propositions are true.3.Those propositions are about the attitudes of a hypothetical ideal observer Impartial Spectator Central concept in the ethical system of Adam Smith. Smith is concerned to give an explanation of the voice of conscience, without departing totally from the sentimentalist and naturalistic tradition of Scottish moral philosophy.

  • Would true laissez-faire Capitalism work?

    For capitalism to function the way Adam Smith intended, the government must be present to enforce what Smith called a "moral framework." It requires that the government break up trusts, monopolies, and cartels in order to protect fair competition.


  • Adam Smith Wealth of Nations

    Is anyone reading or has anyone read this book?I read it, AND visited Adam Smith's grave in Edinburgh. What do you need?: At 5/3/2009 5:27:34 PM, Brewmaster wrote: : I read it, AND visited Adam Smith's grave in Edinburgh.

  • Keynes vs. Hayek

    This is definitely a site to recommend to people like my brother who argue for Econ policy decisions, and then respond with a blank stare to a reference Adam Smith.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    Who is acknowledged for having an influence on Adam Smith?
  • A:
    Baron d'Holbach, Anders Chydenius, Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu, Francis Hutcheson and Aristotle influenced Adam Smith.
  • Q:
    What professions highlight Adam Smith's career?
  • A:
    Adam Smith was an accomplished economist and philosopher.
  • Q:
    What is Adam Smith quoted as saying?
  • A:
    A famous quote is, "To found a great empire for the sole purpose of raising up a people of customers, may at first sight appear a project fit only for a nation of shopkeepers. It is, however, a project altogether unfit for a nation of shopkeepers, but extremely fit for a nation that is governed by shopkeepers."
  • Q:
    In which religious organization was Adam Smith affiliated?
  • A:
    Adam Smith was in the Deism religious denomination.
  • Q:
    Which books have been published by author, Adam Smith?
  • A:
    Popular books include:
    - The Wealth of Nations
    - Essays on Philosophical Subjects
    - The Theory of Moral Sentiments
  • Q:
    Where was Adam Smith born?
  • A:
    Adam Smith was born in Kirkcaldy.
  • Q:
    What ethnicity was Adam Smith?
  • A:
    Scottish was the heritage of his ancestors.
  • Q:
    Which educational institution did Adam Smith attend?
  • A:
    Adam Smith went to Balliol College, Oxford.
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