Gain a wealth of knowledge about the top basketball players of all time, featuring Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain. Discover new information on the best basketball teams, as well as the best point scorers and the best rebounders. Gain insight on top performing players in assists and players in blocks.

Explore the sport of basketball using bits of information pulled together semantically and displayed in various lists. Several categories of information are presented, giving visitors the ability to explore topics such as NBA coaches in history, olympic medal count, player salaries and NBA awards. Other superlatives are also listed, including Top 5 Players of All Time, Top 5 Rebounders, and Top 5 Teams. At the heart of the information presented, however, is detailed information about NBA players and NBA teams. A wide variety of information per player is available here, including positions played, stats per season, personal stats, and related news articles. Information on NBA teams includes rosters, conference teams, historical team logos, and other related information.

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