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  • water be considered a public good and not be privatized

    Then, after judging the resulting Misicuni privatization project financially unviable, the Bank proceeded to back it anyway, insisting on water pricing that would cover the excessive costs, and guarantee that Bechtel would earn a 16% profit. In a scenario impossible to parody, people not even hooked up to the system were told that they would have to put metres on their private wells and pay Bechtel for the water they drew." {5} Source: 5} While water is the source of life, it does not come free of charge. Bechtel Corp was able to charge very high prices for water because of a) lack of competition, and b) backing from the World Bank.


  • Do you believe billionaires have invisible influence over our country?

    Rich and powerful: The Kochs have, for nine years, held invitation-only, a large group of businessmen, including major hedge fund mgrs, the CEO of Bechtel, oil billionaires & others.

  • Should government become more privatized?

    Bechtel raised the price of water, and the citizens became unable to pay for the water that was being put up for sale. This is bad because the motive of profit (being stronger than the motive to help people) would give companies the incentive to provide worse and worse service and raising the prices higher and higher. There are definite advantages of a strong government, but private industry should not have government interference.


  • Why Are "Liberals" Pro-Veteran?

    Authentic leftists, such as yours truly, who certainly do not approve of honoring veterans of <strong><em>evil</em></strong> capitalist wars, would like to make it very clear indeed that once again leftists should <strong><em>not</em></strong> be loosely lumped together with "liberals".:why does she keep doing segments in which she somewhat emotively engages in singing the praises of the men and women in uniform who've been a party to the morally criminal occupation of Iraq, and in sticking it to politicians who for whatever reasons haven't been enthusiastically in favor of a public celebration of their non-service to the country?: Liberals learned that spitting on troops that came home from Vietnam is dangerously counterproductive. Authentic leftists, such as yours truly, who certainly do not approve of honoring veterans of <strong><em>evil</em></strong> capitalist wars, would like to make it very clear indeed...

  • The Death Cult of the Military Veteran

    <em>continued below</em><strong>Conclusion</strong> Oh sure, war isn"t entirely morally abysmal. Instead of perpetuating ideological lies to the contrary, instead of hollowly (ethically speaking) honoring veterans today we should be raising their consciousness about war"s harsh moral realities, about the real and dishonorable nature of their "service" to the likes of Bechtel and Halliburton. <strong>Mexico declared war on us!</strong>: At 11/14/2012 8:09:34 AM, Ron-Paul wrote: : : At 11/14/2012 5:48:44 AM, royalpaladin wrote: : : : At 11/13/2012 10:47:24 PM, Ron-Paul wrote: : : : : At 11/13/2012 1:13:57 AM, charleslb wrote: : : : : : At 11/12/2012 6:42:28 PM, Ron-Paul wrote: : : : : :...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    During which year was Bechtel founded?
  • A:
    The company was founded in 1898.
  • Q:
    Which market sectors does Bechtel operate?
  • A:
    The company competes in Construction, Project management, Engineering and Engineering Services.
  • Q:
    Which location is Bechtel's headquarters?
  • A:
    The main office is located in San Francisco, California.
  • Q:
    Who was the company founder of Bechtel?
  • A:
    Warren A. Bechtel founded the business.
  • Q:
    How many people are employed by Bechtel?
  • A:
    There were 40,000 employees in the year 2005.


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