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Game Overview

Hick State County, in the USA's Deep South, is home to the infamous Big Mutha Truckers Haulage Company. That's about to change though, as proprietor Ma Jackson has announced she's planning on retiring. Her dilemma is who to leave the company to Ma has four very different kids and choosing a successor should be done fair and square. The solution is simple: Ma's going to hold a "trial by trucking!" The one who can make the most money buying, selling and hauling cargo around the County in sixty days will inherit the company when Ma retires.

The Bottom Line

Ma Jackson, owner of Big Mutha Truckers, Inc., has announced to her four kids that she is calling it quits. Choosing the new owner of the company will not be easy though -- Ma's four kids are a difficult bunch. So Ma comes up with solution: "Trial by Truckin'". Whoever makes the most money trucking through Hick State County in 60 days will take control of the company. Players can choose to play Bobbie-Sue, Cletus, Earl, and Rawkus and get behind the wheel of a fully customizable big rig in five distinct cities. The objective is to take on missions and haul various types of cargo that include anything from cell phones to oil.

Expert Reviews

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The game's arcade elements aren't done well enough to ever balance with the simulation elements, and the end result is a game that's too wacky to be a sim game and too simulation-based to be an arcade game.

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It really is fun for a while, but the monotonous gameplay will soon catch up with you. There are only so many times you can bring yourself to traverse the highway from Capital City to Greenback.

ESRB Game Ratings

ESRB Rating of "T"
This game is Rated: Teen
Content is most suitable for children ages 13 and up. This game may contain violence, gambling, suggestive themes, crude humor, or some strong language.
Content Descriptors:
Comic Mischief
Game Info
Platform:Nintendo Gamecube
Release Date:8/14/2003
Publisher:THQ / Empire Interactive
ESRB Rating:T
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