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  • We need to get rid of homework

    From the very same article you linked:"Researchers from Binghamton University and the University of Nevada conducted a study showing that although homework may benefit some students"particularly high- and low-achieving students"it"s counterproductive for students who are average learners."The article says in the beginning paragraph that for some people homework can be helpful, and for others, homework can be harmful. For example, if I were to adjust the homework amount from 3 projects to 1, or have the homework assignments be reduced from 6 to 3, I don't believe many of your arguments hold.Before I address your points, I'm going to preface the fact that your personal stories are not strong evidence. It would stronger if you provided evidence that no homework improved everybody's academic performance.-> "Another study has been also shown that students who don't do their homework get the same average grade as most of the children who...


  • DDOers and College and Jobs?

    :)<strong>College</strong>: College of Southern Nevada <strong>Major/Minor</strong>: Computing and Information Technologies / Philosophy <strong>Certificates</strong>: Certificate of Completion in GIS <strong>Years</strong>: 4 <strong>Degree</strong>: Associates <strong>Occupation</strong>: GIS Technician <strong>Company</strong>: City of Las Vegas <strong>Years</strong>: 6University of Texas - Arlington Sophmore Music Education - Band emphasisI'm not in university now, but once I can afford to move I want to attend University of British Columbia. I'm glad to be there, but I wouldn't recommend someone choosing it randomlyBinghamton University, double major - Korean Studies / Business: At 4/8/2012 2:09:31 PM, SeelTheMan wrote: : Binghamton University, double major - Korean Studies /...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    What is Binghamton University's famous motto?
  • A:
    Their saying is "From breadth through depth to perspective."
  • Q:
    How much money does Binghamton University have?
  • A:
    The total endowment accrued by the academic institution is $69 million.
  • Q:
    What year was Binghamton University established?
  • A:
    The school was founded in the year 1946.
  • Q:
    What colors symbolize Binghamton the University?
  • A:
    Black, Green and White are school spirit colors.


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