Bioentopic 5% Vitamin K Creme 2oz

Bioentopic 5% Vitamin K Creme 2oz

Key Features
Circulatory System
Vitamin K (Phylloquinone)

Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Rosacea, Bruising, Stretch Marks, Scarring, Dark Circles Under the Eyes, Crows Feet, Cellulite Vitamin K formulas were once available only through dermatologist and plastic surgeons. This professional strength 5% Vitamin K1 USP (Phytonadione) is a synergistic formula combined with Horse Chestnut Extract, Vitamin C Esters, DMAE, Olive Leaf Extracts, High Potency Vitamin E, Retinoland is in a liposome carrier system for maximum benefits. 3% HORSE CHESTNUT EXTRACT (90% Escin): An extract from the seeds of the Horse Chestnut tree and standardized to a minimum of 90% escin. Escin is a mixture of saponins that are known to help maintain healthy blood circulation, strengthening the capillaries and veins. Evidence for the efficacy and safety of topical formulations of escin, have been performed in thirteen clinical studies in Europe. One clinical study evaluated the effects of an escin topical formulation on cellulite of the thighs and breast, concluding that i

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