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  • Birds should not be caged as pets.

    Sometimes birds could escape and fly away which sounds like freedom for a bird, but how is a domesticated bird suppossed to hunt for food, build a nest, or learn how to hide from predators when it has spent its whole life being treated by humans? And its not too expensive to buy another bird than the one you bought in the first place, finches cost 10-20 dollars each, parakeets are a but higher than thet, and some parrot owners have many parrots to spoil :) 5) Many Pet owners neglect them - This happens to all animals - Neglect to birds have less ramnifications Now neglect towards pets is a sad aspect of society, however neglect towards a bird is much less of an issue compared to some of the sick acts of cruelty comitted against cats or dogs. If a bird is lucky enough, they will have an owner who considers letting the bird out of the cage.

  • Life is a game of flappy bird

    I welcome everybody metaphorically it is like a game of flappy bird. Let me describe flappy bird. Flappy bird is a game which is very popular.




  • Turkey clears bird of spying for Israel

  • Hilarious bird that's quite pleased with the outcome

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