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  • Did 9/11 change everything?

    Moreover, not only enemies in attacking physically, spies who hijack, steal the secret information or take control of a military system must be considered in black list seriously. Before 9/11, we thought that we were the number one country in the world with the strongest army, wealthy and political power.

  • Is marijuana really a gateway drug?

    With marijuana illegal it could lead to a black list of harder drug use like cocaine and heroin.


  • Besides DDO

    :DFacebook Youtube Used to go on Yahoo Answers before I got black-listed by Yahoo Random information searching That's about it.Facebook, youtube, revleft, and various other forums.Oh, forgot omegle and searching for random information on various topics.Omegle is fun.: At 2/25/2010 10:11:15 PM, FREEDO wrote: : Omegle is fun.

  • Marxist Mafia PM Game Sign Ups

    Breaking rules may result in black-listing, embarrassment, and/or mod-killing.

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