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  • Rap BAtttlllleee

    Suess said he never had kids, now I think I gotta hunch/He didn't wanna claim the retarded daughter from the Brady Bunch./ So now I gotta serve you AND take your lunch./ Must kill you that I don't even do this an you're still getting crushed./ Like when you popped out the womb and the doctor didn't spank your butt/ he gave you a gut punch/Rick James'd your mom and kicked your dad in the nuts./ The name's Dawg Face chump, I'm nothing but live./ I'll come to your nice burbs and get more respect than YOU in the 305./ Dang, now I think that was the line./ I'm gonna be responsible for your internet broadcast suicide./ "LOCAL BOY BULLIED TO DEATH", I can already see the headlines./ News stations will drop it when they find out it's you and nobodies tuning in at Nine./ So i can tell you're a beginner cause your rap lines are so long It sounds to me you'd be better off singing a Disney channel song If you were Bob Barker than the Price is Wrong Im younger...

  • Noone can beat Chuck Norris.

    Bob Barker, Steve McQueen.


  • Is Bob Barker better than Happy Gilmore at Golf?

    Yes, Bob Barker is better than Happy Gilmore at golf, because Bob Barker has magical powers. Yes, because Bob Barker is better at everything. Barker was justified in beating up Gilmore in Adam Sandler's movie, because Gilmore was not a good golfer, and Barker would have won the tournament if Gilmore hadn't ruined it for him.

  • Would Bob Barker win a boxing match against Happy Gilmore?

    Bob Barker is Raw I think Bob Barker would win against Happy Gilmore in a real boxing match. Happy lost due to element of surprise In the movie, Bob shot first with element of surprise, and easily over took Happy, in a real match, Happy would of easily over taken him due to major strength and bobs old age.



  • The Ongoing DDO Rap Battle Thread

    bad, moonwalk, this here, is our party, my posses been on broadway and we do it our way grown music, i shed my skin and put my bones into everything i record to it and yett im onnn., let that stagelight go and shine on down, got that Bob Barker suit and plinko in my style. <strong>WHASSUP.</strong> This is DJ MassiveDump, M.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    What professions highlight Bob Barker's career?
  • A:
    Bob Barker was an accomplished game show host and presenter.
  • Q:
    Which television show starred Bob Barker?
  • A:
    Bob Barker acted in "The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular."
  • Q:
    On which television program did Bob Barker play a character in a guest role?
  • A:
    The celebrity actor briefly joined the cast of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Q:
    Where was Bob Barker born?
  • A:
    Bob Barker was born in Darrington.

Awards & Accolades

  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Daytime Game Show Host
    2007, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1988, 1987, 1984, 1982
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