Leonard Mlodinow - The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives

Leonard Mlodinow - The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our...

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Critically analyzes the role of chance and random events, forces, and factors in shaping human existence, in a readable study of how the mathematical laws of randomness control the world around us. By the author of Feynman's Rainbow. Read by Sean Pratt. Book available.

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Leonard Mlodinow

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Johnson, George, New York Times Book Review: "Mlodinow...writes in a breezy style, interspersing probabilistic mind-benders with portraits of theorists like Jakob Bernouli, Blaise Pascal, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Pierre-Simon de Laplace and Thomas Bayes. The result is a readable crash course in randomness and statistics that includes the clearest explanation I've encountered of the Monty Hall problem...."

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Understanding randomness means understanding the world better Aug 21, 2009
5.00 5/5.0
Important and interesting information, engaging examples, fun to read, lots of “Aha!” moments.
Not everyone in the world has read it.

Review: Humans fundamentally misinterpret randomness and the significance of events in general. This book attempts to correct our thinking and is likely to change how you view the world.

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