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  • New York Giants are better than NE Patriots

    on offense the team added several weapons, most notabley Brandon Lloyd who is one of the best deep threat recievers in the game. with the addition of LLoyd to take the pressure off the underneath routes run by Welker and the TE's the sky is the limit for this offense and we may see more records be broken. The organization is also so strong with a well cemented locker room that adding wild headstrong players to our team doesnt affect it negatively, see Corey Dillion, Randy Moss and Ochocinco for examples.

  • The Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl this year

    This year they seem to just skate with marginal wins and my opponent says how they beat the Vikings...well the vikings are overrated a little bit as well...notice I say a litttle bit...I do believe that Denver will make to the Super Bowl because there defense has such a great chemistry together and also the offense has a great potential to be great...all the sports analysts say that Kyle Orton isn't a good QB but on the contrary I believe he is a solid starting QB not great like peyton or Brett but good...Knowshon Moreno has the makings of a great RB as well and with Corell Buckhalter in there too I believe that we have a solid running game...Now with the receivers...most teams only have 1 or 2 go to reveivers but the broncos have 3 maybe 4...obviously Brandon Marshall is a HUGE threat as seen in the Dallas game and you have Eddie Royal with breakout speed you never know when he's going to return a punt or kick for a TD you also have Brandon...


  • Tebow time?

    He and Brandon Lloyd are not the best of friends, and Brandon Lloyd is his best receiver at the moment. I hear Denver is putting Brandon Lloyd on the trading block, which will put even more hostility between the two, since the main reason seems to only stem from what Lloyd has said before the season started about the "tebow thing". Tebow is hated, well not hated but strongly unimpressive to the eyes of NFL analysts, coaches, and any NFL professional.

  • Superbowl Picks?

    So with the addition of Brandon Lloyd (deep threat) and a possible improved D, you have to consider them a threat as usual.The niners are the only 100% complete team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    Where was Brandon Lloyd born?
  • A:
    Brandon Lloyd was born in Kansas City.
  • Q:
    Where did Brandon Lloyd go to school?
  • A:
    Brandon Lloyd studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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