Carry It On, Songs of America's Working People by Mike Seeger/Pete...

Personnel: Pete Seeger (vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo); Jane Sapp (vocals, piano); Arlen Roth (acoustic & electric guitars, bass); Fred Hellerman (synthesizer). Originally released as a double LP, this collection of classic work songs, union anthems, and ballads is both stirring as a political statement and fascinating as a historical overview of the role that music played in labor relations in the 19th and 20th centuries. Since before the days of Woody Guthrie, there's been a strong link between folk music and labor, and many of the songs here date from the early decades of the 20th century, when union busting and other anti-labor activities were commonplace. Though no longer quite so topical, anthems like "Popular Wobbly," "A Union Maid" and "I Am a Union Woman, Which Side Are You On?" still sound powerful alongside more recent songs like "No Mas Moveran (We Shall Not Be Moved)." Though Seeger gets the billing, it's the clear, expressive vocals of Jane Sapp that are the album's most striking feature.

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