Chippewa Engineer 27863 Boots

Chippewa Engineer 27863 Boots

Key Features

Ride in style and comfort wearing the Chippewa 27863 motorcycle boots. The Engineer series has been developed for many decades to confidently confront biker conditions. Made with quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship, this pull-on boot ANSI 75 rated footwear is the strongest toe protection you can get. Chippewa equips you with this defense to reduce common injury that is painful and costly. Trust them, theyre experts! The bottoms of this boot have a combination of technology that will keep you comfortably steady all through your day. Legendary Vibram Nitrile rubber is attached with Goodyear Welt construction giving you an amazing blend of features. With excellent traction, oil and slip resistance the 27863 will enhance your lateral stability. Resilient shock absorption reduces foot fatigue and feels great. To keep you comfortable longer, the construction is repairable. Stay in control and comfortable with this Chippewa! Abrasion resistance is found in the full

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