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  • Should gay marriage be legalized?

    This can help build a stronger world By legalizing same sex marriage through out the world, it can help end marriage discrimination, it will help build stronger families and stronger communities. In summary, being gay is no contagion, so not allowing two men or two women to get married is just out right ridiculous as in America if everyone has "freedom", one should have the freedom to love whomever they choose. If someone owned a cake shop and they were strongly against same-sex marriage for religious reasons, they would be forced not to “discriminate” and to make the couple a cake, if asked to.


  • good movie

    anyone seen contagion?Harry Potter death part2 and titanic

  • MINORITY REPORT run amok staring the NSA

    When this data is analyzed by corporations and governments as individual components, the data collection could be described as "Orwellian light." But when sophisticated algorithms are used by computers this data can predict MINORITY REPORT-outcomes through things like monitoring "emotional contagion" through social media or neurological states of consciousness. Emotional Contagion is the spreading of emotions like a virus through social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    "Contagion" is in what genre?
  • A:
    The book is classified as: Thriller.
  • Q:
    How many pages is the book: "Contagion"?
  • A:
    The work is 434 pages.
  • Q:
    Which year was the work "Contagion" first released to the public?
  • A:
    The book was first distributed in December, 1995.

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