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  • Is using 'cracker' as bad as using the n-word?

    While "cracker" may be considered offensive by some, it isn't even close to the "N-word" in its offensiveness. I've been called cracker, and I just shrugged it off, because think of how much suffering white people have caused to blacks over history. The N-word has much more of a history and connotation than Cracker, and was used as a derogatory term for a long time.


  • What Is Your Favorite Meal Of the Day?

    Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Dinner Dinner Breakfast Cold pizza or breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Breakfast A couple of buttered kippers (smoked herrings) on toast followed by bacon, fried eggs, pork sausages, fried tomatoes, black pudding (blood sausage), mushrooms, baked beans and fried bread all washed down with a lovely pot of strong tea., Dinner Most acceptable time to eat steak.


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