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  • should we clone ded children?

    Even politicians and ethicists began raising fears of the spectre of laboratory created humans – the casting of dark shadows over "the existence of the ‘human soul'." There are other surprises. Predictably, too, were those with a religious bent who began raising strong moral objections about the cloning of mature humans.

  • Wanta try haiku?

    When I hold my pen Something always moves my hand Then words flow agen Wise words from on high Sometime words of shear despair Words that make me cry Tear drops wet the page Are they mine or do they come From some dreaming sage The scent of a rose Drifts upon the morning breeze It comes then it goes As I sit alone Dark shadows assaults my mind while lost spirits moanHello, please.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    The TV program, "Dark Shadows" is in what television genre?
  • A:
    The show is classified as - Fantasy, Soap opera and Horror film.
  • Q:
    Which date did the last episode air for "Dark Shadows"?
  • A:
    The final episode aired in April, 1971.
  • Q:
    Who is the creator of the (television show) "Dark Shadows"?
  • A:
    Dan Curtis is the TV program's creator.
  • Q:
    How many episodes in the television series "Dark Shadows" have been aired?
  • A:
    1225 episodes of the television series were broadcast on TV.
  • Q:
    What year did the (television show) "Dark Shadows" first air?
  • A:
    The TV program appeared in June, 1966.

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  • Best Network Television Series
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