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  • Child birth should be considered immoral

    This is a simplified version of David Benatar’s work, found here: [1].   That is all for my main line of argument It is better to have never been Benatar’s Asymmetry: (1) If a person exists, then his/her discomfort is a bad thing. I think this version of Benatar’s Asymmetry is so simple that I could only repeat it in trying to explain it.

  • It should be considered morally wrong to kill sentient animals for their meat

    “I have also pointed out that it is immoral to simply keep cattle from reproducing.” I would like to borrow David Benatar’s Asymmetry for a quick response. There are 20 different amino acids and they all have the purpose of keeping your muscles strong. There are 20 different amino acids and they all have the purpose of keeping your muscles strong … to how you move and do everyday tasks.


  • Should abortion on the grounds of physical deformity be allowed?

    Coming into existence is always a serious harm, as written about in David Benatar's book "Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming Into Existence." Therefore, I believe that all pregnancies should be aborted for the sake of preventing the suffering of the future child.

  • Do humans have the right to commit suicide?

    Since it is better never to have been born (check out David Benatar, Pete Singer, et. We can't all be as strong as others and people r so quick to judge without knowing exactly what's going on in that persons life. I strongly disagree that humans have the right to commit suicide Humans have one life.


  • Is having a child the most selfish act?

    Pretty much any anti-natalist literature (Arthur Schopenhauer, David Benatar, etc.) highlight this as a major consideration in childbirth, since it necessarily is a selfish act, as there is no positive impact on anyone's self interest (since the putative child's self-interest doesn't exist yet) yet carries a plethora of myoptic effects: 1.

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