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  • Market Anarchy

    Even Neanderthals controlled land in their groups, although they areas may have been small, and during that time, each tribe was a total anarchy to another tribe (Durham University, Neanderthal Movement), which is essentially a more extreme version of market anarchy. Works Cited: "Ancient tooth provides evidence of Neanderthal movement." Durham University.

  • People are idiots if they argue against Religion.

    - He holds honorary doctorates in science from the University of Westminster, Durham University and the University of Hull - and honorary doctorates from the Open University and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. -He holds honorary doctorates of letters from the University of St Andrews and the Australian National University, and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1997 and the Royal Society in 2001. Richard Dawkins: - an evolutionary biologist - was awarded a Doctor of Science by the University of Oxford in 1989.


  • University Application.

    I am taking a course in Japanese language at Durham University, which has allowed me to investigate university life as well as interact with like-minded people. So I'm going to apply to university soon, applying for the course PPE (Politics, philosophy and economics) or just Politics and Economics. (I just gave DDO as an example but there are so many different things you can say.)@Grape: This is the website I have to apply through, and the information they give you about writing the personal statement: http://ucas.com/students/applying/howtoapply/personalstatement/ Apart from Oxbridge, my second choice would probably be Durham, then Newcastle, generally Russell group unis (equiv your ivy group).

  • Babies making moral judgments

    Kiley Hamlin, author of the team's Infant Morality report, said: "We spend a lot of time worrying about teaching the difference between good guys and bad guys in the world but this might be something that infants come to the world with." However, Nadja Reissland, a behavioural psychologist at Durham University, cautioned that adult assumptions may have coloured how a child's actions were interpreted by the researchers. The research is being pioneered by a team of psychologists at the infant cognition centre at Yale University in Connecticut. Peter Willatts, a senior lecturer in psychology at Dundee University, said: "You cannot get inside the mind of the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    In what year was Durham University founded?
  • A:
    The college was established in the year 1832.
  • Q:
    How much money does Durham University have?
  • A:
    The total dollar figure collected by the academic institution is $61 million.


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