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  • Ethical naturalism is the only authentic metaethical philosophy.

    At the end of the day the correct course of action (according to my opponent's conception of ethics) rests on one's inner weighing of their own personal values (therefore losing the title of ojectivity) as well as their own epistemically unverifiable opinions on the valuations and needs of others (therefore losing the title of epistemic verifiability). I will be arguing that ethical naturalism — defined on wikipedia as involving the following propositions: Ethical sentences express propositions Some such propositions are true Those propositions are made true by objective features of the world, independent of human opinion These moral features of the world can be reduced to some set of non-moral features Supernatural/metaphysical claims are...

  • Homosexuals Are An Asset To The Overall Thriving Of The Human Species

    Roger Denson states my main point very well, and also had this to say:"With the natural world on the brink of demise largely because of overpopulation, unrestrained homosexuality, as one of a variety of ethical and democratic measures available to us today, offers perhaps the most natural option to be enjoined. demographer Joseph Charnie when he addressed the Population Association of America on April 2, 2004-"ml> Growing number of countries view their low birth rates with the resulting population decline and ageing to be a serious crisis jeopardizing the basic foundations of the nation and threatening its survival Economic growth and vitality, defense, and pensions and health care for the elderly for example, are all areas of major concern." Europe has had problems with their birth rate and it has hurt their economy...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    Which school did E. O. Wilson attend?
  • A:
    E. O. Wilson went to Harvard University.
  • Q:
    Who had a notable impact on E. O. Wilson?
  • A:
    Charles Darwin and Richard Evans Schultes inspired E. O. Wilson.
  • Q:
    Where was E. O. Wilson born?
  • A:
    E. O. Wilson was born in Birmingham.

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  • Pulitzer Prize - General Non-Fictio
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