Extreme Networks Summit1i 6-Port Ethernet Switch (11001)

Extreme Networks Summit1i 6-Port Ethernet Switch (11001)

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Ethernet Switch

Summit1 is a member of the Summit family of LAN switches, designed to meet the demanding requirements emerging in your intranet and Internet applications. Summit switches share a common non-blocking switch architecture that provides scalability in four areas: speed, bandwidth, network size and quality of service (QoS). ??Summit1 comes with eight full-duplex switched Gigabit Ethernet ports that support wire-speed gigabit-to-gigabit switching and routing. Because the Summit1 also has extensive fault-tolerant features, it is well designed for backbone and server farm applications. Summit1 port density, fault tolerance and performance scale dramatically with the Summit Virtual Chassis, a high-speed external backplane that interconnects up to eight stacked or distributed Summit switches into one cohesive system. Connected to a Virtual Chassis SummitLink port, Summit switches combine the flexibility and low entry-cost of a stackable with the fault tolerance and high port-density of a mod...

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17.34 in.
17.45 in.
3.51 in.
18.08 lb.

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