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  • Firefox is Better than Internet Explorer.

    Firefox has all of the greater qualities and it has choices. You can get so many professional skins and add-ons strait from the firefox site. Firefox has a built in virus and pop-up blocker.

  • FireFox is Better than any other browser.

    Firefox does not offer a feature similar to Opera's "Speed dial." Firefox does not have the ability to act as a BitTorrent client Opera does. it wasent my was my dumb cousin who did the whole thing u r acting as if thats cool thats nothing compared to mozilla...."its the best in the universe" period i got work and i dont have intenet in my hose so ur just mad cause ur wrong and u feel like a fish Firefox does have mouse gestures I use Stroke It for gestures, although Firefox does have the ability for addons for gestures. Firefox does not show the user a thumbnail when they mouse over a tab, Opera does.


  • What is better: Google Chrome (yes) or Mozilla Firefox (no)?

    More Choices And Its Non Profit I use both personally, but always find myself opening Firefox over Chrome. Firefox to me at least has more customization to it with the Add-Ons then Chrome does. Plus Firefox is non-profit and that alone makes the browser the priority, not the money.

  • Should Firefox develop a smartphone?

    If Firefox tried to compete, these large competitors would likely outspend them and eventually Firefox would fail. With the iPhones, Android phones, and the Google smartphone, it will be very hard for Firefox to get their name out there in the market. The Should Stay In Their Lane I do not think it would be a smart idea for Firefox to delve into the phone industry.


  • Firefox or Safari?

    Safari Firefox Safari Safari Firefox Firefox i just don't like Safari Safari Safari Firefox Firefox Safari Safari Safari Safari Firefox Firefox Firefox Safari Safari Safari Firefox Safari

  • Which browser is better?

    Firefox Can't go wrong with FireFox!! Chrome Chrome Chrome Chrome Chrome Chrome im already part of the corrupt system so watevs Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox It's probably the safest. Chrome Chrome Chrome Firefox I like chrome but Google are too keen to collect everything you use it for.


  • Microsoft hacked mah firefox.

    I don't recall installing such an addon, nor Windows Update telling me there was a firefox addon involved in the bargain-- all it told me was something along the lines of "We just installed an update, please restart your computer.".NET has to do with the Hotmail and MSN Messenger services. I think Firefox is the one that allowed the extension to be included in an update.

  • Issues posting arguments

    Is anyone running Mac OSX and/or Firefox 8.0.1 having issues posting arguments in their debates?Been fine for me on Mac OS X 10.6.7Issue was resolved by reseting computer.

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