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  • My fish are better than yours

    By the time my fish are done with yours, they will look like this: Battered with tartar sauce, fool I not only found a couple of these bad boys looking dench at the back chillin but also spotted some Dragonfish... If my top fish and your top fish had an arm wrestle, it would end up like this for your fish. This point (well made by Bryony) really sums up my argument, and shows that my fish DOMINATE your fish, who are shockingly bad at looking cool, or indeed doing anything.

  • Keeping fish in bowls is inhumane

    Without exersise the betta will become bloated, then in a week the water will have a layer of waste on the surface and will suffocate the fish he will die painfully because you were to cheap to buy a five gallon fish tank. Common Name Red Oscar - Small Scientific Name Astronotus ocellatus Origin South America Max Size (in inches) 14 Community Safe No pH Range 6.5-7.5 Diet Carnivore Min Tank Size (in gallons) 75 Temperature Range 76-82 Difficulty Easy This is the tank specs for the Red Oscar that needs 75 gallons for one fish to be happy in an environment. Especially people who keep water filters and like to keep their fish healthy, so in conclusion, keeping fish in bowls is humane, and the other way around is actually inhumane.



  • Ram Pump

    The pump is directly pulling from the fish tank to the aquafeeder. : : The pump is directly pulling from the fish tank to the aquafeeder. That would condense the space required to accomodate the required length, and it would also increase back pressure, if your aquafeeder isn't elevated in relation to the fish tank.

  • Madman's scripture.

    I especially like this one^^^^^^ hahahahahahahaha :Another way of looking at it is that he looks down on this universe like a Fish-keeper looking down on his fish-tank.

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