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  • Water fluoridation is safe

    It reduces the solubility of enamel in acid by converting hydroxy apatite into less soluble fluor apatite; 2. [7] [8] [10]In 1951, members of the PHS (Public Health Services) used strong tactics to promote fluoridation, such as: [11]If it is a fact that some individuals are against fluoridation, you just have to knock their objections down. Most of these have not found a strong link to cancer.


  • Do women like porn as much as men?

    : Unhealthy porn would involve razors <strong>and whips.</strong> : : Just like cake. : : Unhealthy porn would involve razors <strong>and whips.</strong> : : : : Just like cake. Maybe you don't need fluor to bake a cake - but you do need nudity/sex to create pornographic content.: At 5/7/2011 6:47:41 PM, Cliff.Stamp wrote: : Mirza, what is negative about porn if both husband and wife enjoy it?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    What are the names of the board members at Fluor?
  • A:
    Some Members of the Board include:
    - Peter J Fluor, Board Member
    - James T Hackett, Board Member
    - Kent Kresa, Board Member
    - Dean R Ohare, Board Member
    - Robin W Renwick, Board Member
    - Vilma S Martinez, Board Member
    - Joseph Prueher, Board Member
    - Suzanne Woolsey, Board Member
    - Alan L. Boeckmann, Board Member
    - Peter S Watson, Board Member
  • Q:
    What companies did Fluor acquire?
  • A:
    Strategic acquisitions made by Fluor include Utah Construction Company.
  • Q:
    Where is Fluor's headquarters?
  • A:
    The main office is located in Irving, Texas.
  • Q:
    Which sectors does Fluor operate?
  • A:
    The company competes in Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Construction and Engineering.
  • Q:
    What is the stock ticker symbol and exchange for Fluor?
  • A:
    The company's stock ticker symbol is "FLR" listed on the NYSE stock exchange.


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