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  • The US Ought to Drop the Embargo on Cuba

      CUBAN ETHANOL   Environmental Harms Frontline   1.No impact to species loss – surviving species will adapt.   Economy Harms Frontline   1.Turn: Midwest Economies.   Solvency Frontline   1.Even if the U.S.

  • American Gun Control

    Frontline tells us that only about 10-15% of criminals use stolen guns[4], and to assume that they wouldn't commit their crimes without this is just foolish.  Just to be clear, even though I am pro, I am AGAINST gun control?


  • Can women survive on the front lines of war?

    Females are not eligible to serve as a frontline due to following reasons: They are more emotional and can affect the operations in which they don't work separetely. They are playing vital role in the society but not in the frontline. What they mean by this is that ON AVERAGE men are stronger than women, not that the weakest man is stronger than the strongest woman.


  • Greatest Battle of WWII!

    By eliminating the Kursk salient, they would also shorten their frontline and relieve the strain on their overstretched forces.

  • What is the best way to prevent another Newtown?

    Lets get a classroom door barricade in every room, a school resource officer in every hallway, better teacher / frontline communications about high risk students, with emotional issues , and make a change for that student.


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