George Foreman GR36P Indoor Grill

George Foreman GR36P Indoor Grill

4.50 4.5 (read 2 reviews)

Patented slope design and nonstick over-sized 133 square inches cooking surface allows fat and grease to drain off for higher fat reduction, healthier meals and less smoke during cooking. Signature Foreman heating elements provide more even heat during cooking from the center to the sides of the plate and faster temperature recovery.

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George Foreman GR36P Indoor Grill May 18, 2010
4.00 4/5.0
No grease pooling around the food.
Grates do not remove for easy cleaning.

Review: Give the George Foreman a try if you haven't already. You will find that you can cook faster and healthier.

An excellent black friday special for $30 Nov 29, 2008
5.00 5/5.0
Cost only $30.Sleek silver finish. Cooks more evenly and quickly than previous grills.
No thermostat or timer.Needs to be cleaned while hot for best results.

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