Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

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Game Overview

The headline grabbing crime-opera that is Grand Theft Auto returns with Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The streets of Liberty City are in turmoil. Warring Mafiosi vie for control as the town begins to self-destruct under waves of political corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking, and union strikes. No one can be trusted, that’s why it’s up to you to battle deranged hit men, morally depraved tycoons, cynical politicians, and many other walks of life to control Liberty City and build your empire in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

The Good

Crams all of Liberty City onto a UMD, Load times are quite manageable, Good sense of humor from the radio stations, Captures a lot of the cool stuff from the Grand Theft Auto series.

The Bad

Unstable frame rate, Dull mission design, Storyline never really goes anywhere, Occasionally feels more like a GTA III expansion pack than an entirely new game.

The Bottom Line

It's time to return to Liberty City, the town where all the rules were broken as Grand Theft Auto 3 revolutionized gaming and made the GTA series the biggest franchise on the planet. The PlayStation Portable edition is an all-new game set in the seedy, sprawling underworld of Liberty City. The story takes place three years before the events of GTA III and centers on Toni Ciprini, who has just returned to Liberty City after laying low for four years. He killed a rival mob boss, after all, and leaving town is simply the smartest thing to do. Anyway, he strolls into town and lands in the warm embrace of Don Salvatore Leone, who quickly places him under the command of "capo" Vincent Cilli. From here, Ciprini embarks on a journey filled with more blood, explosions, and executions than a stack of Schwarzenegger movies.

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Expert Reviews

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While the game is definitely a fine technical achievement and one of the best PSP games to date, the dull storyline and basic mission design do bring the whole thing down a bit.

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Aside from brilliantly recreating the series' look, feel and universe, the game's multiplayer feature will make you feel the true power of the PSP.

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While rough around the edges, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories offers a deep, console-like GTA experience. There's so much to see and do that finishing the main story portion leaves around 60% of the game to experience.

Game Specs

320 kb

Campaign, Career, Deathmatch, Full Mission Single-Player, Simultaneous, Story, Time Trial, Tournament, Versus


Wi-Fi Compatible (Ad Hoc)


ESRB Game Ratings

ESRB Rating of "M"
This game is Rated: Mature
Content is most suitable for persons ages 17 and up. This game is likely to contain violence and blood, suggestive themes, or strong language.
Content Descriptors:
Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs
Game Info
Platform:Sony Playstation Portable
Release Date:10/24/2005
Publisher:Rockstar Games
Developer:Rockstar Leeds
ESRB Rating:M
Game Quality Ratings
Difficulty: Medium
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