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Game Overview

Just as Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was something of a glorified expansion of Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero: Metallica serves as an extension of Activision's band-focused hit Guitar Hero: World Tour, offering gamers a feel for life in and around one of heavy metal's most popular and influential bands.

The Bottom Line

"Ride the Lightning" with musical icons Metallica and over 20 other rocking acts in an all new Guitar Hero experience -- Guitar Hero: Metallica. Enter the world of Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo and experience the intensity and skill of one of the greatest bands of all time. Shred on guitar, rip on drums and wail on the mic to a set list featuring over 45 explosive hits from Metallica's illustrious career and a wide variety of other legendary artists personally selected by the band, such as Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters and Queen. Fans will be able to rock as Metallica while performing in venues reminiscent of the band's epic album covers, themes from their music and real world locales.

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Game Features

Over 20 Superstar Guest Acts - Featuring acts chosen by Metallica ranging from Queen, to Alice in Chains, Lynrd Skynrd and the Foo Fighters, jam to a wide variety of high-energy rock for Guitar Hero. Go beyond the music of Metallica to bands they collaborated with, the music that inspired them, and acts they admired.
Authentic Metallica Experience - full on Metallica by playing as the band with their motion captured moves and likeness capturing the full presence and intensity of James, Lars, Kirk and Robert. Take the stage on amazing, epic venues featuring famous Metallica stages and iconic imagery. All tracks and content are Metallica Approved."
Full Guitar Hero World Tour Feature Set - All the instruments are back in the next Guitar Hero: rock on guitar, bass, vocals and drums. Up to 4 players can join together and rock locally, or battle other bands online with up to 8 players. Guitar Hero Metallica includes the Rock Star Creator," playing with friends online, the full Music Studio and the user-created music sharing service, GH Tunes. Finally play the Death Magnetic downloadable content as Metallica.
New Content and Gameplay - The game supports two kick pedals in a new Expert +" mode, letting you drum like Lars on two bass drums. Go deeper into Metallica with videos straight from Metallica concerts and the option to test your Metallica know-how on any song you beat with facts on the band's history, and how guest acts are tied to Metallica. Metallica has added their own touch from the attacks in Battle Mode to the effects in the Music Studio.
Neversoft's Alan Flores talks about putting together the Metallica expansion for Guitar Hero …it's pretty satisfying knowing that we made the best game we could"

Controller Functions


Directional Button
Navigate Menus

Left Analog Stick
Navigate Menus

X Button

Circle Button


L1 Button
Rotate Character View

R1 Button
Rotate Character View

Start Button
Pause Menu


ESRB Game Ratings

ESRB Rating of "T"
This game is Rated: Teen
Content is most suitable for children ages 13 and up. This game may contain violence, gambling, suggestive themes, crude humor, or some strong language.
Content Descriptors:
Mild Suggestive Themes, Lyrics
Game Info
Platform:Sony Playstation 3
Release Date:3/29/2009
Developer:Neversoft Entertainment
ESRB Rating:T
Game Quality Ratings
Difficulty: Beginner (Easy) to (Hard) Expert-plus
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