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Perhaps the most successful video game franchise of all-time comes to an epic close in the hugely anticipated Halo 3. Battle the relentless forces of the Covenant as they attempt to annihilate life in the galaxy as we know it. Halo 3 builds upon all the series’ strong-points with an expanded multiplayer mode. Pit 16 players against each other in a variety of highly-customizable game types including team deathmatch and capture the flag. A franchise first, 4 player co-op allows you and three other friends to tackle the epic main storyline together via Xbox Live. The story of Master Chief may be coming to a close in Halo 3, but your story as a Spartan super-soldier is just beginning.

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It's the addition of the Forge level editor and the saved films that give the game an even longer set of legs, legs that will probably keep you running at full speed until Bungie figures out where, exactly, to go from here.

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The online tear is a blast to play and with all the new bells and whistles they added to the game, you may not play anything else online for quite a while.

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The campaign, which is very good, is Halo 3's weakest point. It doesn't capture the cavalier spirit of the original Halo, but you'll still have fun playing through it. There's no first-person shooter on 360 that can equal Halo 3's blend of cinematic actio

Character Profiles

Master Chief

Master Chief
Also known as: Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-117, John 117 As the main character of the Halo series, the Master Chief has created quite a reputation for himself. Serving as the biggest gun in Microsoft's opening salvo for the launch of the original Xbox, Halo has become the flagship title for Microsoft's home video game consoles, thanks to the exploits of SPARTAN 117.

Game Features

Play Nascar '09 with Queensryche Popular heavy and progressive metal band Queensryche will play two games, Halo 3 and NASCAR 09, with Xbox LIVE Gold members April 13

Game Specs

Custom Soundtrack, HDTV 1080i, HDTV 1080p, HDTV 720p, In-Game Dolby Digital

Console Link
System Link 2-16



Campaign, Co-op 2-4, Deathmatch, Full Mission Co-Op, Full Mission Single-Player, Level Editor, Online Co-op, Online Deathmatch, Online Team Battle, Story, Team Battle, Versus Simultaneous

Online Features
Content Download, File Sharing, Leaderboards, Online Multiplayer, Voice, Xbox LIVE Family Settings


Controller Functions


Directional Pad
Up = Flashlight. Push = Talk (Multiplayer).

Left Thumbstick
Move. Strafe. Crouch (Press).

Right Thumbstick
Aim. Turn. Look. Zoom (Press).

A Button

B Button

X Button
Use Equipment

Y Button
Swap Weapon


Left Bumper
Dual Wield. Reload or Swap Secondary Weapon. Select Grenade Type.

Right Bumper
Action. Reload Primary Weapon. Swap Current Equipment with Newly Located Equipment.

Left Trigger
Throw Grenade. Use Secondary Weapon.

Right Trigger
Use Primary Weapon

Start Button
Pause. Settings.

Back Button
View Multiplayer Score. Carnage Report.


Directional Pad
Switch Players (Player Cam)

Left Thumbstick
Move Camera. Pan Flying Cam (Press).

Right Thumbstick
Look. Rotate Camera (Flying Cam).

A Button
Play. Pause.

B Button
Hide/Show Heads-Up Display

X Button
Hide/Show Control Pad


Y Button
Flying Cam. Player Cam.

Left Bumper
Move Down (Flying Cam)

Right Bumper
Move Up (Flying Cam)

Left Trigger
Thrust (Flying Cam)

Right Trigger
Slow Motion/Fast Forward


ESRB Game Ratings

ESRB Rating of "M"
This game is Rated: Mature
Content is most suitable for persons ages 17 and up. This game is likely to contain violence and blood, suggestive themes, or strong language.
Content Descriptors:
Blood and Gore, Mild Language, Violence
Game Info
Platform:Microsoft Xbox 360
Release Date:9/25/2007
Developer:Bungie Software
Genre:First Person
ESRB Rating:M

Recent Customer Reviews

Third in the series, Not the best one.

If you like run and gun gameplay with a lacking team system this is a great game.
Published 1843 days ago by jmfva

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