Halo: Combat Evolved

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Game Overview

Halo enables to tackle missions anyway you choose-be it storming an enemy base or taking the wheel or gunnery position of a variety of powerful vehicles. Vehicles range from stolen Covenant flyers & hovercraft to Human buggies, tanks and more.

The Bottom Line

Switch between foot-based fighting and vehicle-based attacks, where you can pilot flyers, tanks, or buggies, or man the guns while another squad member drives. Multiplayer action in Halo: Combat Evolved gives players the option of co-op missions or free-for-all shootouts.

As a member of an elite military force, you must fight to defend the Earth from alien aggressors on the ancient alien artifact known as Halo. You must fight your way through Halo's mountainous terrain and underground labyrinth to discover the secrets of the mysterious world, and protect the human race. Escaping Halo with your life requires a cunning wit and a major arsenal of weapons.

Character Profiles

Master Chief

Master Chief
Also known as: Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-117, John 117 As the main character of the Halo series, the Master Chief has created quite a reputation for himself. Serving as the biggest gun in Microsoft's opening salvo for the launch of the original Xbox, Halo has become the flagship title for Microsoft's home video game consoles, thanks to the exploits of SPARTAN 117.

Game Features

Halo Trilogy - The Complete Original Soundtracks

ESRB Game Ratings

ESRB Rating of "M"
This game is Rated: Mature
Content is most suitable for persons ages 17 and up. This game is likely to contain violence and blood, suggestive themes, or strong language.
Content Descriptors:
Blood, Gore, Animated Violence
Game Info
Platform:Microsoft Xbox
Release Date:11/15/2001
Developer:Bungie Software
Genre:First Person
ESRB Rating:M
Game Quality Ratings

Recent Customer Reviews

ring shape worlds=aliens, gun fights, and a whole lot of explosions.

Gernade kaboom arrgh.
Published 2252 days ago by tommy_lop

All the fun of blowing stuff up with your friends.

I would recommend this game in a heartbeat...extremely fun and doesn't get boring.
Published 2584 days ago by parttimeninja

Halo: Combat Dissolved??

My review of one of the most overrated game in history.
Published 2691 days ago by tim_skold

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