He's Just Not That Into You

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  • trolololololololololol

    But you say he's just a friend- but you say he's just a friend. OO BABY you- you got what I neeeeeed- but you say he's just a friend- but you say he's just a friend." " NOW EVERYBODY NOW" ( you repeat) Here's a little story bout my situation- I was talking to this girl from the US nation." " You!

  • Pun War

    He's all right now. Some people's noses and feet are built backwards: Their feet smell and their noses run. John Hancock didn't retire, he just resigned.


  • Were Todd Akin's Rape comments really just a poor choice of words?

    He's just a moron. Nope The GOP has long been the party against women's rights. He's the tip of the iceburg.

  • Can man live ethically and morally without the guidance of religion?

    Goodness and justice can be discerned and practiced without the guidance of religion -- the old children's Christmas song is correct, "Be good -- for goodness sake." While the same song posits desire for Santa's gifts and rewards) as motivation for being good, the rewards are in a good and just -- and safe -- society. I want to preface a bit that now there is no moral or ethical system that has not been influenced in some way by a religion because a lot of our ethics, like it or not, originate in religion, even if it's just a respect for life. Man Is An Animal Just Like Any Other, He Is Just A Brilliant Ape Animals, though less intelligent than humans, are, basically, the same as them.


  • hate to love

    Maybes he just not that into you?If they are not interested just leave it there.: At 10/12/2013 12:01:39 PM, drafterman wrote: : : At 10/12/2013 11:37:43 AM, angii wrote: : : : At 10/12/2013 11:35:48 AM, drafterman wrote: : : : : At 10/12/2013 11:30:45 AM, angii wrote: : : : : i once had a crush on someone and even today i like him but he is engaged but still after 8 months he came back to me and he wants to talk right now i have began to like another guy and i have no idea what should be done with either of them because none of them is really interested in me. He's engaged. He's engaged.

  • Can you change your name on DDO?

    He's just going to make you feel dirty..Pretty much what Agent_Orange said... That's a lie.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    What is the movie, "He's Just Not That Into You" rated?
  • A:
    The film is rated PG-13 (USA).
  • Q:
    Who was the producer of the movie, "He's Just Not That Into You"?
  • A:
    Drew Barrymore produced the film.
  • Q:
    Who was the director of the motion picture "He's Just Not That Into You"?
  • A:
    Ken Kwapis directed the movie.
  • Q:
    Who was the distributor of the film, "He's Just Not That Into You"?
  • A:
    New Line Cinema distributed the film.
  • Q:
    What was the estimated budget for the production of the film "He's Just Not That Into You"?
  • A:
    $25 million was the budget for this movie.
  • Q:
    Who wrote the music for the motion picture He's Just Not That Into You?
  • A:
    Cliff Eidelman composed sheet music for the film's soundtrack.
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