Hewlett Packard Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition Full Version OEM Promo/Demo License for PC (GE318TABB)

Hewlett Packard Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition Full...

3.80 3.8 (read 5 reviews)
Key Features
Microsoft Office
Business and Productivity
Full Version
OEM (License Only)

Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 is a powerful and easy-to-use suite of productivity and contact management software with tools to help you save time, stay organized, and deliver better customer service. Easily manage your prospect and customer information in one place. Quickly create dynamic documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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System Requirements

2 GB
256 MB
500 MHz
Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003


1 Computer/s

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Product Reviews

Office 2007 May 8, 2009
4.00 4/5.0
backwards compatibile, popular
somewhat pricey

Review: Worth a purchase if you don't have any software, not worth an upgrade - primarly due to cost.

A recommended change from 2003 Apr 7, 2009
4.00 4/5.0
Customization, new features, easier to design slides, easy linking between slides, easier graphs, just easier!
Takes some getting used to.

Review: Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! It is worth the getting used to for all of the features and ease of use.

A dumbed down version of what used to be a good productivity suite. Feb 16, 2009
1.00 1/5.0
Increased Excel spreadsheet size, pdf export, help files mariginally better.
The Ribbon, different file formats, Word HTML format

Review: Office 2007 is a failed attempt by Microsoft to convice consumers to "upgrade" when, in fact, the product has been dumbed down.

Microsoft Office 2007 - Frustratingly Powerful Aug 11, 2008
5.00 5/5.0
Powerful, Affordable, Very Useful
Associated with Vista, A little different than 2003 (we hate change!)

Review: Office 2007 is very useful and powerful once you figure out how to handle it and get past the fact that it is visually different than 2003.

Better than ever before! Jul 22, 2008
5.00 5/5.0
Clear and organized. No drop down menus.
Can be confusing when first using the product.

Review: A must have product for anyone that used Office. This new version is clear an concise, detailed and has many new options available for any type of task.

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