Iridion 3D

Game Overview

Iridion 3D is a fast paced 3-D action game that pushes the Game Boy Advance graphics hardware to its technical limits.

The Bottom Line

In this rail shooter, you're a lone star-pilot defending earth from the invading hordes of the sinister Iridion empire. At the end of each of the blistering-fast seven stages, the forced-scrolling halts so you can battle a gigantic boss. While action seldom slows from nonstop, be on the lookout for weapons upgrades and shimmering multicolored icons, which restore precious energy. Your experimental SHN-Fighter comes with red, green, gold and purple lasers, which must be powered up with the same color. For example, if you snare two green power-ups, you can fire two green lasers, but if you then grab a red power-up, you'll revert to your weakest red laser.

ESRB Game Ratings

ESRB Rating of "E"
This game is Rated: Everyone
Content is most suitable for children ages 6 and up. This game may contain some cartoons or fantasy characters and potentially mild violence or language.
Content Descriptors:
Mild Animated Violence
Game Info
Platform:Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Release Date:6/11/2001
ESRB Rating:E

Recent Customer Reviews

Iridion 3D for the GBA

Play Iridion II again and pass on this one.
Published 3324 days ago by phungus

Game Boy Advance: Iridion 3D. Looks fantastic, plays like poo-poo.

Don't bother with this one, though if you know someone who has it - check out the graphics!
Published 3662 days ago by Mr_D

3D at a cost

don't buy it unless you want a cheap game
Published 4130 days ago by dev124

Nice try, but......

I don't really see why you would want to get this, unless you really felt like wasting 40...
Published 4647 days ago by gator_boy

GBA is pushed to the limits and delivers...

while the graphics and sound rock, the gameplay is downright dull.
Published 4669 days ago by tommy_lop

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