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  • Arguments on the Framework of Morality: A discussion on if we need God to define good & evil.

    Victims' Rights and Advocacy at the International Criminal Court [3] World Book Dictionary [4] Jeff Goldblum - Jurassic Park (1993) [5] Sam Harris - The Moral Landscape [6] Daniel Dennett (assorted writings) [7] [8]   FORFEIT In the comments my opponent says they want to stay in the debate. The Logic:   1 without the trait of ingenuity we humanity would not have invented tools 2 ingenuity is beneficial since it made hunting easier 3 if hunting is easier more food for more people 4 more people procreating the higher the chances for strong offspring 5 stronger offspring is beneficial to life, as weak often succumb to myriads of death 6 examples of traits that are beneficial to life are good 7 without good traits life would dwindle to near extinction 8 thus good must be passed through generations èExamples of good traits...


  • Two Challenges For Anarcho-Capitalists

    Trivial, they contact Jeff Goldblum, who is always on standby for such a case, he beams a virus up to the aliens, it reprograms the computers and they all fire at each other.

  • Your Greatest Sexual Dream

    my most recent one was Jeff Goldblum... my most recent one was Jeff Goldblum... i've never dreamt of celebritiesoff to bed I goMove this to the Health forum: At 4/16/2012 8:13:53 PM, 1dustpelt wrote: : Move this to the Health forum<em> <strong>No</strong></em>.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jeff Goldblum

  • Q:
    Where was Jeff Goldblum born?
  • A:
    Jeff Goldblum was born in Whitaker.
  • Q:
    In which TV program did Jeff Goldblum play a part in a guest role?
  • A:
    The celebrity actor played a character in The Simpsons.
  • Q:
    Which television show starred Jeff Goldblum?
  • A:
    Jeff Goldblum acted in "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe."
  • Q:
    How tall is Jeff Goldblum?
  • A:
    Jeff Goldblum is 6 feet, 4 inches tall.
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  • Saturn Award for Best Actor
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