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  • It takes just as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe in God.

    Leading Biologist Lynn Margulis once stated "New mutations don't create new species; they create offspring that are impaired." [1/75] Other scientists who have questioned this include Stanley Salthe, author of an evolutionary biology textbook [2/76], philosopher Jerry Fodor [3/77], and National Academy of Science member Phil Skell [4/78]. Either way, the evidence strongly supports the hypothesis.

  • Theism or Atheism?

    And Jerry Fodor did not show any evidence for his argument, therefore I do not have to disprove it.There are "faith jumps" in Pro's argument, he does not provide evidence in order to rationally assess the evidence. Therefore, God exists.The first premise is argument from ignorance, one need to prove intentional states cannot exist without God (Evolution can do miracles).My Observation of Pro's argument:(a) Arguments are neither sound nor strong.(b) It would be nice if sources are cited.(c) Pro should define terms.

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