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  • Should plastic bags be banned from grocery stores?

    Rather than making plastic bags illegal, a better option that some grocery stores like Kroger use is to provide a $.04 deduction from a customer's grocery bill for each reusable bag they bring to the store. Freedom of choice is one thing, but freedom of choice should be strongly curtailed if it inevitably leads to fish deaths. In case of burning them, it will result in alot of extraction of carbon mono oxide which is a very strong green house gas and is continuosly causing global warming.

  • Should animal hunting be banned?

    Before Walmart and Kroger was here, how in the world do you think people survived? We need hunting I can understand why some people would feel so strongly about banning hunting but a lot of the animals mentioned can be dangerous in ways you would not think of. And if there was no meat from animals to have it would be harder to get good protein and we know just how much all you anorexic hippies feel about only eating things that make you skinny and what you think is healthy but without protein you cant be as strong.


  • Where do you shop?

    Kroger The Kroger Company is an American retailer founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger also is parent to several "banner" chains, such as Ralphs in California.Kroger's employees are mostly represented by collective bargaining agreements. Seventy-five percent of Kroger employees are represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers.As of 2012, Kroger is the second-largest retailer behind Walmart in the United States in 2013 terms of revenue.


  • Monk Mafia - Day 1

    There were bad elements but like I said, he became a better person later in the series...also I am not feeling to easy on the way the way you want to lynch me.UnStupendousMan ------IWWT medic0506 ---------------IWWT --- Gail Fleming Andromeda_Z -----------IWWT Lickdafoot ----------------IWWT Iamright ----------------- IWWT --- Confirmed by SF royalpaladin --------------IWWT Headphonegut Viper-King Lordknukle ---------------IWWT F-16_Fighting_Falcon ---IWWT vmpire321 ---------------IWWT CAPLock Blackhawk1331 ----------IWWT Xerge ---------------------IWWT --- Troy Kroger socialpinkounvote: At 1/9/2012 11:09:13 PM, medic0506 wrote: : UnStupendousMan ------IWWT : medic0506 ---------------IWWT --- Gail Fleming : Andromeda_Z -----------IWWT : Lickdafoot ----------------IWWT : Iamright ----------------- IWWT --- Confirmed by SF : royalpaladin --------------IWWT : Headphonegut : Viper-King : Lordknukle ---------------IWWT : F-16_Fighting_Falcon...

  • Zombie Game

    Secondary Ranged Weapon: Ar-15 Melee: My pocket knife I survive...Partner: Jordan Base: Grocery Store Vehicle: Some tank thingy Primary Ranged Weapon: Noob Tube Secondary Ranged Weapon: 12 gauge Melee: 7in dagerPartner: My boyfriend Base: Kroger Vehicle: Camaro Primary Ranged Weapon: Bow and Arrow Secondary Ranged Weapon: AR-15 Melee: sword I might do okay, provided I have sufficient ammo for the bow and AR. And since I'm living in Kroger: Partner: A doctor : Base: : Vehicle: Military grade Jeep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    Where is the corporate headquarters of Kroger?
  • A:
    The main office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Q:
    Which sectors does Kroger operate?
  • A:
    The company operates in Retail and Grocery Stores.
  • Q:
    What is the stock ticker symbol and exchange for Kroger?
  • A:
    The stock ticker is "KR" listed on the NYSE stock exchange.
  • Q:
    During which year was Kroger founded?
  • A:
    The company was founded in 1883.
  • Q:
    Who was the founder of Kroger?
  • A:
    Barney Kroger founded the company.
  • Q:
    Who are the Board Members at Kroger?
  • A:
    Some Members of the Board include:
    - John T Lamacchia, Board Member
    - Jorge P Montoya, Board Member
    - David Dillon, Chairman
    - Reuben V. Anderson, Board Member
    - Don W. McGeorge, Board Member
    - W Rodney Mcmullen, Board Member
    - Ronald Sargent, Board Member
    - Katherine D. Ortega, Board Member
    - John L Clendenin, Board Member
    - Bobby S. Shackouls, Board Member


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