Krups 4-L. BeerTender, Black

Krups 4-L. BeerTender, Black

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The Best Invention Since Beer Itself! Heineken and Krups bring you a draught beer system to be used at home: the BeerTender system. The BeerTender offers consumers a unique new technology that delivers high quality draught beer. It consists of an appliance and a 4-liter keg. It is compact, fun, and very easy to use! The BeerTender appliance keeps the keg at an ideal temperature of 41oF and in the most optimal condition for a period of 30 days after the first beer has been drawn. The BeerTender is the first in its kind that brings the enjoyment of a fresh Heineken draught beer to the homes of consumers. Compact high quality appliance, Fun, and Easy to use! Beer is kept in the most optimal condition for all your parties. The unique and innovative Heineken® or Heineken Premium Light® DraughtKegTM employs a patented internal carbonation system that ensures a perfect draught pour every time. The DraughtKeg technology guarantees the beer will stay fresh for up to 30 days after tapping. .

Product Reviews

Krups Countertop Beertender Cooler with Tap Dispenser Jun 24, 2008
4.00 4/5.0
Attractive and functional unit to hold and dispense Heineken five liter mini kegs.
Expensive custom solution tailored specifically to Heineken Regular and Heineken Lite at this time.

Review: You have to be a draft beer and/or Heineken fan to fully appreciate this product. Not as portable as a bucket of ice, but much more attention getting.

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