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  • Homosexuality, morality, choices, nature.

    <strong> It seems to me this could well impact bi-sexuals' experience of traditional monogamy...</strong> nope <strong>as this arrangement, by definition, excludes all but one partner</strong> yes this is true a monogamous relationship is a commitment to one person whether it is of the same sex or the opposite gender <strong>Does the bi-sexual put the person ahead of core preference and simply choose to marry the one partner because of their love-bond,</strong> yes <strong>or perhaps choose to marry the gender that s/he prefers (even if slightly?...)...</strong> bi sexuals have the ability to be attracted to the person not the gender, so i don't see how this question is relevant <strong>or prefer marrying one spouse from each gender,</strong> depends on the person <strong>thereby solving the dilemma? ...onto my continued response to blade's Privacy 1.1 post...<strong>thg response 1.2: blade...

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