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  • should dumbster babys meet their mothers

    The Con provided a whole list of reasons why we shouldnt let them see heir parents, I will address them as follows:...Yeah sadly actually the con provided no reasoning other then what he considered to be comon knowlege that a dumpster baby would never want to meet its parents and therefor stereotyped dumperster babies in such a way that he thinks no matter the personal situation they should not meet their parents. Position: ProI suspose I will provide diffinitions for clarity.Dumpster Babies: A baby left for dead by its biological parents; A baby literally found in a dumpster.Parents: Biological parents.Meet: To yell "icecubes" in a sexual manor. they should not meet their mothers after they got rid of him Resolved: Dumpster babies should meet their parents.

  • Public execution should not be frowned upon

    Have you seen Meet the Parents?


  • Would meeting the parents of errant students promote well-discplined students?

    So yes, I would say meet the parents because it *might* work, but don't get your hopes up. Yes, but only in some cases It used to be that talking to a child's parents made a difference. If parents were asked to come to school, the kid was terrified because the kid knew he or she would be disciplined afterwards.

  • Should adopted children be able to meet their biological parents?

    Adopted Children Should Be Able to Meet Biological Parents Yes, adopted children should be able to meet their biological parents once those children are 18 years of age. The problem is that many adopted children are adopted by new loving parents and meeting the biological parents could really upset the parents who adopted the child. Telling a child that they have no right to meet their biological parents is wrong.


  • Parents violating privacy

    Let every child determine whether they value privacy more than what the parents give them, or value what some other willing custody-types offer more.: At 8/5/2012 2:00:10 PM, AlwaysMoreThanYou wrote: : I feel children deserve absolutely no privacy from their parents. I feel children deserve absolutely no privacy from their parents.Seriously I can't even view DDO without hacking: At 8/5/2012 1:45:39 PM, 1dustpelt wrote: : Seriously, they have installed keyloggers and monitoring software on my computer. I have never understood why parents want to "protect" their kids from the horrors of the internet, R-rated movies, and etc.

  • Autism Rates Soar

    Sometimes when you meet the parents you discover that they have the same condition but were not diagnosed when young. Instead, specially trained physicians and psychologists administer autism-specific behavioral evaluations." They also go on to say, "The M-CHAT-R's primary goal is to detect <strong>as many cases of ASD as possible</strong>." This means that they are trying to get as high of numbers as possible. To do so, they take people that <strong>might</strong> be autistic and slap them with the autistic label.

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