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  • Dance

    That guy did some crazy movements." After watching the Melbourne Shuffle, someone says, "Wow, now that's a cool dance that matches this genre of music." The main argument of the second paragraph is "...popping is just impressive because of its 'magic' movements..." However, the Melbourne Shuffle also includes what looks like "magic" movements. Also, in your first paragraph you stated "...such as kicks and spins." In the Melbourne Shuffle one does not kick, if kicking were to be mixed in with the Melbourne Shuffle it would easily be turned into a modified version of Jumpstyle. I believe that the Melbourne Shuffle is a superior solo dance style to Popping.

  • Does sport too much a part Australians life

    The first Tuesday of November is traditionally Melbourne cup day. Melbourne being called the worlds sporting capital is an insult, not a compliment.




  • Legs Eleven!

    In the words of Dre, can I get hell yeah?<strong>See:</strong> Koopin avvie. than 1 hour of 2010 left in Melbourne…Happy New Year Tvellalot and everybody else in Australia!happy new year aussies!

  • The World's Most Liveable Cities

    Melbourne......Australia.........(09) 10.Madrid...........Spain.............(12)1: Melbourne, Australia: a British Colony 2: Vienna, Austria 3: Vancouver, Canada: a British Colony 4: Toronto, Canada: a British Colony 5: Calgary, Canada: a British Colony 6: Sydney, Australia: a British Colony 7: Helsinki, Finland 8: Perth, Australia: a British Colony 9: Adelaide, Australia: a British Colony 10: Auckland, New Zealand: a British Colony If the United States hadn't bitten the hand that fed it and was still a British Colony maybe there would be some American cities in the top 10. Based on stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure these are the world's most liveable cities: 1: Melbourne 2: Vienna 3: Vancouver 4: Toronto 5: Calgary 6: Sydney 7: Helsinki 8: Perth 9: Adelaide 10: Auckland The top ranked US city is Honolulu at #26 whereas the city where I live is ranked 53 out of the...

Map of Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    What famous people were born in Melbourne?
  • A:
    People born here include:
    - Norman Kaye
    - Philip K. Chapman
    - Paul Hester
    - Graham Kennedy
    - Harry Bridges
    - Craig Harper
    - Pete Smith
  • Q:
    What are some popular places to visit in Melbourne?
  • A:
    Popular destinations include:
    - Carlton North
    - Melbourne city centre
    - City of Knox
    - City of Port Phillip
    - Shire of Yarra Ranges
    - City of Greater Dandenong
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