Miracle on 34th Street

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  • Die Hard is a Christmas movie

    Miracle on 34th Street - a classic Christmas movie - was released in May.[1] The Polar Express was originally released in October.[2] Are those not Christmas movies?My opponent's final claim is that "When my opponent makes this statement, 'an easy example of an 'alternative Christmas movie', they forgot a word, to.



  • Top 5 Christmas Movies

    Let's all get into the spirit =)Miracle on 34th street, definitely up there.A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart): At 12/14/2009 8:27:38 AM, Sylux wrote: : A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart) George C Scott > Patrick Stewart

  • Top 3 Christmas Movies

    Honorable mentions include The Grinch (the cartoon original), The Santa Clause (with Tim Allen), Home Alone (if that counts) and Love Actually :)I do have to agree the nightmare before christmas is a great one, I love the music in it, also the animation is excellent.Hey The Nightmare before Christmas has been around just about as long as i have, and i still love it.1) It's a wonderful Life 2) A Charlie Brown Christmas 3) Miracle on 34th Street

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