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Game Overview

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a racing video game, developed by EA Black Box and first released by Electronic Arts in North America on November 15, 2005. It is part of the Need for Speed series...

The Good

Game is often playable if you control it the right way, Punking the cops is fun, Good way to trick out a Lamborghini or Porsche for less than one hundred grand, Sharp car models.

The Bad

Flaws in the controls, physics, and AI are rather annoying, Too few police, Graphics are passable, albeit buggy, May as well turn off your speakers rather than listen to the lawn mowerserr car engines, No sign of the console game's humorous story or characters.

The Bottom Line

The new speedster in EA's successful series combines the tuner customization of Need for Speed Underground with an expanded take on the police chases of the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit series. The game will feature a Rap Sheet option that works hand in hand with a player's street reputation as they move up from the "Black List" to the A-List. Users will also be able to go head-to-head with their opponents while simultaneously trying to avoid more than six different police cars at once through a dynamically changing open-ended world. Get your car peaked for outrunning the cops by customizing your muscle cars, supercars, tuners, and sports cars.

Game Screenshots

Game Specs

Campaign, Career, Challenge, Exhibition, Practice, Simultaneous, Time Trial, Tournament, Versus


DS Multi-Card Play (1-2)


ESRB Game Ratings

ESRB Rating of "E"
This game is Rated: Everyone
Content is most suitable for children ages 6 and up. This game may contain some cartoons or fantasy characters and potentially mild violence or language.
Content Descriptors:
Mild Animated Violence
Game Info
Platform:Nintendo DS
Release Date:11/15/2005
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Developer:EA Canada
ESRB Rating:E

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