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Nintendo DS Browser

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The Nintendo DS Lite Browser was co-developed by Nintendo and Opera and provides web browsing on the Nintendo DS Lite. The Opera browser software is stored on the Nintendo DS Lite cartridge, a memory expansion you can insert into the GBA slot. The browser uses both screens of the Nintendo DS Lite handheld. While the standard screen is displayed on the bottom, an expansion will be provided on the upper screen to provide a better browsing experience. Type your Web address on a keyboard display or using the DS stylus. A parent lock function is provided to disable the access to the internet for children.

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Almost a netbook with your DS Feb 25, 2010
4.00 4/5.0
Price (compared to a netbook). Small footprint.
Not compatible with all websites. Slow.

Nintendo DS Lite Browser: Good For Half The Internet Dec 5, 2007
2.00 2/5.0
The internet on the DS, some good usable functions
no flash support, doesn't work with many web pages, not worth the price

Review: The built-in cell phone functions make this outdated.

OK product Nov 29, 2007
1.00 1/5.0
access to AOL instant messenger
wifi problems, no flash websites, nothing but text websites.

Review: I would recommend spending your money on another game and wait until a better version comes out. As of right now, the cons really out weigh the pros.

Browser Away...far far away Jul 12, 2007
2.00 2/5.0
Great for blogging, text sites, and checking email. Targeted for older teens.
Bad for flash site use and video downloading. Would further to say bad for gaming.

Review: I was disappointed by what was advertised. I talked with several retailers and the word was very good. I think it has its good points, though tread carefully.

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